Top Dog Parks in Las Vegas, NV

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Las Vegas is famous for its glitzy casinos, its nightlife, and its countless attractions for visitors. While the city is most famous for its attractions for humans, it has plenty to offer its furry residents and visitors too. If you’re planning on taking a trip to Vegas with your pup, you’ll finds tons of dog-friendly parks to explore! Throughout Las Vegas, you’ll find pawesome parks that welcome dogs on and off-leash. The next time you’re in Vegas, be sure to check out these 10 great parks that are all filled with amenities your dog will love!

#10 Barkin’ Basin Dog Park

Barkin’ Basin Dog Park is a furrific off-leash dog run with two separate areas: one for large dogs and one for small dogs. Both sections feature big grassy fields where your pup can run and play with their new friends. There are also shaded areas to keep dogs cool on hot desert days. If all this excitement makes your pup thirsty, a doggy water fountain is available in the park.

#9 Centennial Hills Dog Park

If you’re looking for another great off-leash dog run for your furry best friend, check out Centennial Hills Dog Park. In this park, you’ll find separate large and small dog areas with plenty of space for dogs to run around. While your pup plays with the other dogs in the park, you can enjoy views of the nearby mountains. You and your pup will both enjoy spending time in this park!

#8 All American Park

All American Park is home to a flat, paved walking path that’s perfect for on-leash strolls with your dog. If you’d like to let your dog play off-leash after your walk, the park has a fenced dog run that features one big field where dogs of all sizes can play together. There isn’t much shade in this dog run, so be sure to give your pup plenty of water while they’re playing.

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#7 Jaycee Dog Park

Located in Vegas’ Showboat neighborhood, this puptastic dog park has separate fenced sections for large and small dogs. The park has a fun agility course with tunnels for dogs to run through, and there are lots of benches for owners to sit on. Jaycee Dog Park also has plenty of trees to keep your pup cool on hot days, and there’s a doggy water fountain in the park.

#6 Southern Highlands Dog Park

Looking for another pawtastic off-leash area for your pup? Check out Southern Highlands Dog Park! This dog park has two long, narrow enclosures: one for big dogs and one for small dogs. Both sections have tennis balls for your pups to play with, and there are mature trees throughout the enclosures to provide shade. Your dog will always have fun when they're in this great park!

#5 Sunset Dog Park

If you’re searching for a great place for your pup to play at night, check out Sunset Dog Park! This park is open late, and it has solar-paneled lights that keep the area well-lit at all times. Inside the park, you’ll find separate areas for large and small dogs. There are also fun rock formations and stacks of bricks for your pup to climb, and there are picnic benches for owners in the park.

#4 Desert Breeze Dog Park

Desert Breeze Dog Park is home to two enclosures: one for dogs that weigh more than 35 pounds, and one for small dogs that weigh less. Both enclosures have fire hydrants for your pup to sniff and stacks of bricks for them to climb on. If your pup gets messy while they’re playing, there’s a hose available in the dog park to get them ready for the trip home.

#3 Police Memorial Park

Police Memorial Park is home to a beautiful walking path that welcomes dogs on-leash. This path takes you past groves of trees, a memorial wall, and a lovely sculpture. The park also has an off-leash area with separate dog runs for large and small dogs. If you or your pup get hungry, Police Memorial Park also has a pawesome picnic area where you can have a snack with your dog.

#2 Children’s Memorial Park

Children’s Memorial Park has a fun off-leash area with separate large and small dog enclosures. Both enclosures have grassy areas for your dog to run and play in, and there are shady benches for owners to sit on. If you want to take your pup for a leisurely on-leash stroll after they’re finished playing, there are paved walking paths throughout the park for you to explore.

#1 Shadow Rock Dog Park

Beautiful Shadow Rock Dog Park is located at the base of the Spring Mountains, and offers amazing views. The dog park itself has separate small and big dog sections where your pup can play and makes lots of new friends! There are shade shelters throughout the park to give you and your pup a break from the sun, and a seasonal water spigot is available.