Top Dog Parks in Washington DC

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With all the hustle and bustle going on in our nation's capital, it can be woofderful to come home after a long day and find your fur-buddy so happy to see you! Walkies are definitely first on the list of things to "doo," but wouldn't it be pawsome if there were some dog parks nearby where your fur-baby could run and socialize with other doggos? Luckily, Washington boasts several pawrfect spots where the leash can come off and play begins! Most are reachable by train or bus, and some even have their own off-street pawrking! Check out these top parks for your pup!

#1 Shaw Dog Park

This is one of DC's larger off-leash parks, located in the NW neighborhood which is extremely pupper-friendly! Your pooch will have lots of great company here, both large and small, though the small doggos have their own area. Fresh drinking water and clean up bags are provided, and some trees lend welcome shelter during Washington's sweltering days. Dogs of all stripes, patches or spots will have a doggone great time here!

#2 Newark Street Dog Park

This is a grreat dog park, full of amenities for comfort and fun! It's located in DC's Cathedral Heights neighborhood, inside the Newark Street Park, which is equipped for human play while doggos romp in their large or small dog spaces! The crushed granite surface doesn't make mud when it's wet, but there's plenty of stuff to do instead of mud-surfing! There are lots of tennis balls, plus clean up bags, a shelter and water fountains.

#3 Walter C Pierce Community Park Dog Park

Another dog park-within-a-park, the William C Pierce pooch playground is adjacent to pawsome human attractions and activities, making it pawrfect for family outings! Much of this green space is maintained by a community association, and they do a furtastic job keeping the dog park clean and even negotiating with the city for new equipment and amenities. The result is a pooch-oriented play space with neighborhood investment and jolly good fun!
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#4 Guy Mason Dog Park

Opened in 2013, this pup-oriented playground has undergone many positive changes and is popular in the Glover Park neighborhood. A tall, escape-proof fence lends pup parents a sense of security, and benches give them someplace to rest while they watch their pawrfect pooches play. There are 2 poop bag stations, so no excuse for leaving any donations behind. A water fountain keeps everyone's thirst in check, while shade trees make summer in DC bearable.

#5 Upshur Dog Park

Located at the intersection of Arkansas and Allison Streets in Northwest DC, this 10,000 square foot space is pawrfect as a safe, contained place to exercise your fur-pups and make them very happy! And tired, which is grreat for you! Open for over 8 years, consistent upgrades and improvements pop up annually. Fur-babies and their parents love it here because it's open for freewheeling frolic!

#6 Langdon Dog Park

Langdon Dog Park's crushed granite surface is pawrfect for running, play-fighting and lying on, and it doesn't get muddy when it rains. Pawever, there may be puddles which make puppers very happy! Benches and water fountains provide creature comforts, and the sturdy fence will ease parents' minds if they have a born escapee. Big round tree stumps have been placed for climbing or sitting, and Mutt Mitts are provided for picking up after Fido.

#7 Lansburgh Dog Park

This dog park is a pawrrific place to bring your pup for some play and socialization! Essentials like water and bowls to put it in, plus waste bags and trash receptacles make it easy for dog parents to bring their furry babies here. Take a seat on a bench while the doggies frolic. Or play a rousing game of fetch which typically attracts more than one canine participant! Pawrfect!

#8 LeDroit Dog Park

This volunteer-maintained pupper's play place inside the Park at LeDroit has livened up the V Street neighborhood for dog owners! Though not a huge area, it's pawsome for letting pooches run off that extra energy inside a safe, fenced space. Be sure to bag and toss any solid waste with the provided bags and trash cans. This puptastic park often hosts community pup events, so keep an eye out for these fun days!

#9 S Street Dog Park

Another dog park carved out of DC's urban landscape is the S Street Dog Park. It boasts artificial turf which is hosed down and cleaned often, and is nicer for your pup when he does dog rolls than dirt or mud would be. Featuring large benches for humans, you'll nevertheless find many dog parents standing and chatting. This green space is pawrfect for a quick energy- relieving play date!

#10 The Yards Park Dog Run

The Yards Park lies in the Southeast neighborhood of DC, on the Anacostia River. The park has set aside a small fenced area where doggos can run off-leash. While pups are allowed in the lovely main park on a leash, the dog park is where they can have the most fun and shed some of their extra energy. They won't mind the tiny area - after all, it's probably a lot bigger than their living rooms!