Everything You Need to Know About Dog Bowls

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When it comes to choosing a dog bowl, many first-time pet parents can find themselves utterly bewildered by the sheer amount of choices on offer. It may seem obvious to choose a deep bowl for a long-nosed dog or a shallow bowl for a small pup, but what’s with all the bells and whistles? Even more experienced pooch owners might not know if their doggo’s bowl has something to do with them eating too much or too little. Fortunately, we’ve done some digging in order to dish up answers to some of the most commonly asked dog bowl related questions.


The term "feeder" can refer to several different items. A "slow feeder" bowl usually features raised bumps or a grid designed to stop your doggo from scoffing their chow down too fast. You can also buy automatic feeders, which are handy for pups who need to eat small portions several times a day -- you can set them up to go off when you’re out or at work.

Elevated Dog Bowls

If your older furry friend isn’t eating as much as they should be, it might be because they find bending to the bowl to be painful. An elevated dog bowl can solve this problem, allowing your pup to chow down in comfort. You can buy a bowl on a raised platform, or purchase a stand that normal bowls can slot into (which might make clean-up easier).

Food Storage

Where are you going to keep the kibble? It’s recommended that dry food be kept in its original packaging -- even if you need to use a bin or other container to protect the food from the weather or vermin, it’s best to put the bag in the container rather than pouring it out. Leftover canned food can be kept in the fridge for up to a week, or even frozen.
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If your pupper is a messy eater, you’d be barking mad not to consider getting them a doggy placemat! This super handy item is exactly what it sounds like -- a little piece of plastic, silicone, or other easily washable material that sits under your buddy’s bowl to make clean-up easier. Absorbent options are also available. Make sure you get a size that suits the kibble shrapnel zone!

Collapsible Bowls

Collapsible bowls are an essential accessory for any canine camper or hound-dog hiker! The best collapsible bowls are those that are as easy to clean as they are to pack in your bag. Silicone can be your (non-furry) best friend here, but it’s still a good idea to bring some wet wipes along to clean up the food that can get stuck in those crevasses.