Everything You Need to Know About Dog Toys

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Cute, fluffy, squeaky, or chewy, there is nothing more fun than buying a dog toy! We love seeing our pooches' eyes light up as they catch sight of a new gift to stash in their arsenal. But do toys serve a higher purpose than just canine happiness (if there is anything better than dog joy)? The answer is yes! Not only are dog toys a whole lotta fun for Fido, but they also provide mental stimulation as well. Dog toys help our four-legged friends beat boredom, problem-solve, and learn appropriate behavior. We recommend buying several and switching them out every few days so they stay fun for as long as possible.


For all kinds of fun, get your doggo a rope toy! Our canine pals chew, tug, toss, and pull away at rope toys, equating to hours of good times. Engage in a game of tug-o-war by holding one end and offering the other to your furry pal. Or, use the rope as an item to fetch. Whatever you do, make sure you take away any pieces that come loose.


Dogs love balls — it really is that simple! Whether it's the chase, the retrieval, or just the time spent with you (their favorite person ever), your canine goes crazy for a game of catch. When choosing a ball for your bark-buddy, take a look at the size of their mouth. The ball should be small enough for your dog to carry but big enough that they can't choke on it.

Flying Toys

Similar to balls, flying dog toys are tons of fun for our fur-babies! They are used in games of fetch, but can be easier than balls because they float at a slower speed through the air. This means that your furry pal can spend more time tracking them and may have more success snatching them right out of the air! Both discs and frisbees fit into the flying toy category.
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Interactive Dog Toys

Do you have a clever canine? Interactive dog toys are perfect for the pooch that gets bored easily. They squeak, rattle, and roll to provide lots of stimulation to your four-legged friend. Some allow you to hide or fill goodies inside of them, adding a yummy aspect to the play. These toys come in all shapes, sizes, and colors, making the choices almost endless!


By far the cutest of the toys, plushes are sweet, soft toys shaped after creatures of all kinds. Many dogs will carry plushes around with them everywhere they go, and they may even pick out a favorite! While these adorable toys are perfect for lots of puppers, some dogs may find them a little too tempting to, how do we put it, de-stuff.

Games and Puzzles

For the mensa mutt, regular toys simply will not do. If you have a doggo who loves a challenge, canine games and puzzles give our furry pals the brain work they crave — and usually, these toys dish out a treat, too! There are different puzzle toys available, which means that whenever your pooch gets the hang of one, you can introduce a new toy and the fun resets!