Everything You Need to Know About Dog Cleaning Supplies

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Being a pet parent is a wonderful, rewarding experience, and invariably, a messy one. There’s no getting around it -- whether you’ve just brought home a bouncing young pup or taken in an older furry friend, you’re going to need to do some cleaning! Shedding, teething, and little "accidents" can try the patience of the most caring owner, but it’s an inevitable part of dog ownership, and it’s best to be as prepared as pawssible. So what should you have in your canine clean-up kit? We’ve put together a list of everything you need to keep your home hygienic and your hound happy.

Furniture Care

Almost every pup owner has a piece of furniture that has been changed fur-ever by doggy dental exploration. Teething puppies can see everything as fair game, including table legs! Young doggos usually grow out of furniture chewing, and the practice can often be redirected to an appropriate chew toy. But if this doesn’t work, help is available -- bitter chew deterrent sprays can encourage your mutt to remove their mouth.

Pet Hair Removers

Even short-haired breeds are going to shed a little, and that hair is guaranteed to get caught on your couches or carpets at some point. Classic, sticky lint rollers work best for clothes, though a fluffy brush might be better for delicate fabrics. For carpets, a rubber coated block can work wonders. You can even get glove-shaped hair removers that are grrr-eat for tight spaces (like between couch cushions).

Stain and Odor Removers

If you’re toilet training a new pup, an odor remover is absolutely essential for cleaning up accidents. Otherwise, your bouncing buddy will catch the scent and use that spot as their toilet area from then on! Remember, just because you can’t smell it doesn’t mean your dog can’t. An enzyme remover works best for this purpose. You can also get two-in-one sprays that remove stains as well.

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Hand-held hair removers are all well and good, but you probably don’t want to go over every floor in your house with a small rubber block. When it comes to vacuuming up pet hair, you’re best off with a high-suction cleaner with a flexible head, or one with attachments that can get into tight spaces that pet hair tends to collect in, like skirting boards or behind and under wardrobes.

Poop Bags

Make no bones about it -- poop bags are a pup parent’s best friend! When a dog’s gotta go, a dog’s gotta go, and it’s just not safe (and often illegal) to leave it lying around. You’ll need a small roll to keep in your purse or pocket at all times. If you’re concerned about your plastic usage, you can buy poop bags made from biodegradable cornstarch.

Waste Disposal

Poop bags aren’t the be all and end all of doggo-do waste disposal! If plastic really gives you "paws", you can buy a trowel or plastic pooper-scooper to take with you instead (if that’s the option you’re going for, you might want to pick up some wet wipes to clean the shovel). Looking to get even more eco-friendly? You can buy dog poop wormeries to compost your buddy’s leavings.