North Bend Rail Trail

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Trail Distance: 72 miles
Time Estimate: 31 hr 10 min +
Elevation Gain: 4265 feet
Leash Rule: On Leash
Difficulty: Hard
Parking: Free
Route Type: Point-to-point
Restroom: Yes

A moderately trafficked trail, the North Bend Rail Trail is part of the West Virginia State Park system and a former important piece of the state's railroad system. Historically, the trail dates back to the westward expansion era of America and was one of the important travel areas that brought civilians into the wilderness to create new homes and communities. It also supplied the Union with necessary materials during the Civil War. The trail is now for others to simply enjoy, offering a breadth of landscapes in its 72 miles. 

Along the trail, you'll walk over a variety of surfaces, from gravel to dirt, and some paved areas make their way through small towns along the path. In the towns, you can enjoy small coffee shops, several dining opportunities in Clarksburg, or even check out popular bakeries and a museum in the city of Parkersburg. There is plenty of room for unique opportunities, too, like checking out the Silver Run Tunnel, which is where a bridge ghost supposedly looms, awaiting the groom she never reached before she was killed in the tunnel.

Hikers can enjoy spectacular beauty on almost any part of the trail, which runs through several parks in the state, including the popular North Bend State Park. Hikers can visit the park for a restroom break or some outdoor recreation with its fishing, boating, and other opportunities for fun. 

The North Bend Rail Trail is well-maintained, but various weather patterns can cause issues with some parts of the trail. Erosion and flooding may take over some areas with loose terrain, making them difficult or impossible to pass. Summer and fall are usually the best times to hike or ride the trail after enough time has passed to fix up winter and early spring weather damage.

Bringing your leashed pup along to enjoy the North Bend Rail Trail provides plenty of pawportunities for sightseeing, fun exercise, and quality bonding with the backdrop of stunning scenery.

Wag! does not allow or encourage Pet Care Providers to bring dogs to parks.
Trail Features
Loose Terrain, Muddy, Forest, River, Diverse Landscape
Cautions & Considerations
The trail may have some loose terrain and mud in spring before the ground has hardened. Black bears have also been spotted in the forests, so it's crucial to keep a close eye on wildlife you might encounter.
202 North Bend State Park Rd
Cairo, WV 26337
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202 North Bend State Park Rd
Cairo, WV 26337