Top Dog Trails near Washington DC

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Our nation's capital is definitely a place for serious business, but for people with dogs it's fun, too! The number of trails in and around DC is staggering, so many that you and your pooch could visit a different one each week. Because many of them are connected to a park or two, some with off-leash areas, you'll find no shortage of reasons to get outside with Fido! Washingtonians love to grab a leash and head out with their pups, and it makes the pooches happy, too, while shedding some of the pent-up energy that can lead to naughty doggy behavior.  From urban trails to secluded paths through the woods, the DC area is pawrfect for walking!

Black Hill Trail

Maryland boasts great trails close to Washington, one of which is Montgomery County's Black Hill Trail, a 5-mile gently-inclined, paved trail you and Fido will love, with parking, water and restrooms. As it meanders through forests of oak and hickory, it features furtastic views of Little Seneca Lake. An adjacent picnic area is a pawrfect place to rest, have a snack and enjoy the nature around you!

Glover Archbold Trail

At the edge of Georgetown University, the 3-mile Glover Archbold Trail is pawpular with students and DC residents and their dogs as a respite from the busy northwest neighborhood. Off-limits to bicycles and motorized vehicles, this is one of the safest and most chill places to walk your fur-baby. The trail travels through dense trees and across open, sunny fields, rocky streams and beds of bright sunflowers! 

Swamp Trail at Theodore Roosevelt Island

Roosevelt Island is a small, lovely piece of land in the middle of the Potomac that features almost 3 miles of dog-friendly trails, including the 1.5-mile Swamp Trail, its longest! Located only minutes from downtown DC, you'll find your cares will melt away among the boardwalked wetlands and trees. It's open year-round and is free! This is a furtastic spot for a short hike with your fur-baby!
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Four Mile Run Trail

This furtastic trail in Arlington, Virginia covers 6 miles and can be accessed at the Mount Vernon Trail at Reagan National Airport. Named for the Four Mile Run valley, this trail has some features that may challenge you and your pooch along its wooded course. Creek crossings and steep, but short climbs, along with furscinating bends and twists, make it interesting for humans and canines alike! A perfect before or after work hike awaits!

Capital Crescent Trail

The Capital Crescent Trail is one of the most popular in DC that stretches 11 miles from Bethesda, Maryland to Georgetown in the District. Its paved surface makes for a long, pleasant, easy hike on a former railway line. It features 6 bridges and the Dalecarlia Tunnel for variety! Be prepared for kids, bicycles and other pooches, especially on the weekends. It's best for laid-back pups who won't mind company, but any leashed dog is welcome!

Cabin John Stream Valley Trail

Located in the Cabin John Park in Bethesda, Maryland is this 9-mile trail that's too good to pass up! Your pup can cool off with a splash in a creek,  and watch for animals in the woods that offer furtastic views of the Cabin John Stream. This secluded spot really lets you get away from it all with your furry bestie!

Billy Goat Trail

The Billy Goat Trail in Billy Goat Trail is just a few miles from DC. Natural and unpaved, it flows beside the Potomac River, through woodlands and meadows, past gorges and over streams. Peace and quiet reign here, and the wildlife you'll see will provide constant adventure for your pup! Note that only sections B and C are open to doggos, as section A is basically a steep rock wall climb!

Mount Vernon Trail

One of the most pawpular of DC-area trails is the Mount Vernon Trail, which stretches 18 miles from George Washington's estate at Mount Vernon in Alexandria, Virginia to Theodore Roosevelt Island. Several connecting trails allow you and Fido to jump on and off wherever it suits you. It features non-stop views of Washington across the Potomac for humans and sightings of birds and animals for your pup! Pawesome!

Bridle Path Trail at Tregaron Conservancy

Is there any better place for a walk with your fur-pup than in a nature preserve? Tregaron's  main trail, the Bridle Path, circles the Lily Pond and climbs the stone Grand Staircase up to Macomb Stream. Its peaceful forest groves and views of tranquil meadows will treat you and the pup to deer and small mammals, frogs and waterfowl, and treetops alive with birds! A sensory smorgasbord!

Western Ridge Trail at Rock Creek Park

Rock Creek Park is a large natural park in DC that offers pups and their humans many options for furtastic hiking! One of the best is the Western Ridge Trail. After a climb to the ridge, the 9-mile trail smooths out as it follows north-south along the western edge of the park. Abundant flora and fauna make for  grrreat sniffing and listening for Fido, and pawsome peacefulness for you!