Top 15 Most Popular Dog Names in America

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Dog names tend to gain and lose popularity just as much as baby names. Depending on what’s hot on a particular year, specific names will exhibit spikes and then disappear. For example, the AKC’s list of the most popular dog names in 2015 showed that dog owners favored names that were all about Star Wars and Hunger Games. In 2016, the names then turned to Game of Thrones and Pokémon Go characters for inspiration.

With that said, according to several different sources including dog tag registrations, pet supply manufacturer's surveys, animal hospitals, rescue, and adoption agencies, there are specific names that American dog owners consistently seem to revert to when naming their pups. Depending on whether the pup is male or female, you will find certain names always hit the top of America’s list for dog names. Here are the top 15 male and female dog names.   

#1 Max

Max is the most popular American male dog name of all time. The name is pawrific for a pup with a happy, playful or fun-loving disposition. 

#2 Molly

Molly is the most popular female dog name of all time. The name has mostly been attributed to pups that are generally very trusting, sweet-natured, and gentle. 

#3 Jake

Jake is another popular male dog name that has been consistently used. The name is mostly ascribed to playful and fun-loving male dogs that also love to relax or sleep.

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#4 Bella

At the top of the list right next to Jake is Bella which is a popular name for female dogs. The name is usually given to pups that are small, pretty, and loyal to their owners.   

#5 Buddy

Male dogs named Buddy are often described as dogs that are very loyal and adore their owners. The name is also quite popular among male dogs named by men.

#6 Daisy

For female dogs that are loyal to their owners and that have low-key personalities, Daisy seems to be the name that most dog owners in America prefer.

#7 Jack

At the top of the list and next to Buddy as a popular male dog name, Jack is the name Americans love to give to carefree dogs that seem to have a Zen-like spirit.

#8 Maggie

If you have a female dog that has a mild-mannered and Zen-like spirit, then Maggie is a popular name that American dog owners gravitate to. Dogs named Maggie tend to exponentially reciprocate the love that is shown to them. 

#9 Cody

Cody is yet another popular name for male American dogs that are mild-mannered and gentle. Most dogs named Cody also tend to be very huggable. 

#10 Lucy

Americans that have female dogs that they love to spoil with love and attention tend to go by the name Lucy. Lucy is also popular among dogs that have problem-solving skills and tend to be quite clever.

#11 Charlie

Charlie is a male dog name often ascribed to dogs that are loyal and warm-hearted. Charlie is the kind of name that dogs with friendly personalities tend to have.

#12 Ginger

Ginger is a popular female dog name for breeds like Brittany Spaniels, Irish Setters, and Golden Retrievers, and is obviously mostly attributed to their color. 

#13 Bailey

Bailey is another popular male or female dog name given to dogs that are, good-natured, loyal and easily trainable. Dogs named Bailey are often good for kids and the entire family alike.

#14 Bonnie

Bonnie is a female dog name of Scottish origin ascribed to dogs that are kind-natured and attractive. Dogs named Bonnie also tend to be small.

#15 Sadie

Sadie is a popular female dog name often given to dogs that are intuitive, sweet, and kind. They also tend to have very penetrating eyes and seem to understand more than you could expect.