The ultimutt puppy training guide

Follow the weekly program to have a well trained puppy in 8 weeks or less, guaranteed

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We’ve broken it down -- from what you’ll need to get started to the most popular training methods. Each week has step-by-step exercises for you and your pup


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Dog training should be personal and convenient. That’s why we crafted the Wag! 8-Week Puppy Training Guide with professional dog trainers and pet experts. Learn popular training methods, must-have products, and follow the step-by-step weekly program to have a well trained pup in 8 weeks or less.

Brenda S

Wag! gives me great peace of mind while I am at work. I get to the minute potty information and a picture of his smile at the end of walk. Thank you Wag!

Slow C

Great app for hiring a dog walker! I love that I can track where my dog is, how many miles she walked, when she potties, etc. She comes back very happy!

Brandon A

This is the best thing for my dog and I. He loves getting to meet new people and going on long walks. I'm not worried about him not getting enough exercise!

Tanya K

All the Wag! walks I’ve gotten have been awesome. Sweet and caring people who obviously love dogs!

Eve R

What a great experience! I'm sure Vienna was happy to go outside and stretch her legs.

Ashlee A

I've been using Wag! for about 6 months and love the convenience of being able to have someone take care of my pup when I'm gone.

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