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Best dog walkers in Isla Del Sol

One of the most dog friendly neighborhoods in Galveston. Instantly book and meet an exceptional dog walker in Isla Del Sol today.

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Wag! Walkers know Isla Del Sol

Isla Del Sol is a residential community developed in 1984 and located on the west side of Galveston Island. There are a few basic services located on the main thoroughfare, San Luis Pass Road, which is located to the south, and can be reached on foot by area locals. 

The Galveston climate features warm, wet winters and hot, wet summers. Temperatures will not hamper your ability to walk around the region with your dog, however, rainy conditions can 'dampen' your plans. Be prepared with breathable waterproof rain gear so you can take your dog for a daily excursion no matter what the weather has in store. Walking should be avoided during tropical storms and especially inclement weather where storm surges are possible. Be aware of local conditions before venturing out. Remember that very hot, sunny weather is uncomfortable for both you and your furry friend. Avoid extreme heat and pavement that can burn your pup's paws.

What is the terrain like in Isla Del Sol?

The Isla Del Sol is unique residential canal neighborhood. The central part of the community is a land area shaped like a cloverleaf and surrounded by canals. Many residents keep boats on their canal front properties as a means of transportation, and if your dog enjoys water travel, this will be a great way for you to spend time with your canine companion. 

Homes in the area are elevated to protect them from storm surges and houses are spaced closer together than in many other waterside communities. There are no sidewalks, but grassy areas provide softer, cooler footing for your dog's paws. Just remember to watch out for traffic, avoid hot pavement on sunny days, and keep your dog on a leash. 

The Isla del Sol neighborhood is bordered by a large natural area on the west side. Be vigilant for snakes in natural areas as there are several venomous species including coral snakes, water snakes, and rattlesnakes.

How many greenways are there in Isla Del Sol?

Beaches in the Galveston area allow dogs on a leash and most residents enjoy walks with their dog on the sandy beaches. Remember that sand can become too hot for your pup's paws on hot summer days. Be vigilant for venomous snakes and sea creatures washed up on the shore. 

If you want to explore some greenway trails, a short trip to the west will take you to the Kelly Hambly Nature Trail and natural area which has multiple trails to explore with your dog. 

An even larger natural preserve, the Brazoria National Wildlife Refuge, is also located to the west and provides thousands of acres of natural reserve with nature trails, wildlife viewing, and fishing opportunities. Pets are allowed on a leash and should be kept secure for their safety. Try not to disturb the local wildlife when walking in these natural reserve areas with your dog.

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