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Hello, my name is Alexis Rague and I've been around animals my entire life! I was raised in a small valley on a farm where the animals I would care for ranged from baby goats to outdoor cats to fostering rescue dogs. Growing up meant being around animals 24/7, and we all had responsibilities as kids to take part in caring for them and making sure they had the highest quality of life. My highest level of experience comes from taking care of all the rescue dogs we had come through our home. We valued every life and I know what its like to take care of all kinds of dog breeds and whatever ailments they may or may not have. On that note, I was a dog-sitter, dog-walker, and even farm-keeper for a few years in my home town as a young 15 year old, so I have experience stepping out of my own home and caring for other people's fur-babies. In short, I know my way around all that fluff-and-stuff and would love to continue this around my new home in Portland!



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