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Alternative Medicine to Treat Collie Nose in Dogs


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What, you may ask, is Collie Nose? While it does sound like something happy or humorous, be assured it is not! Collie Nose is a condition caused by Lupus, a problem that arises when a dog's immune system overreacts. The name would have you believe that Collies are the only breed affected by this issue, but that simply isn't true. Any breed can get it, but German Shorthaired Pointers, Brittany Spaniels and Huskies are all on the list of pooches with a predisposition for Collie Nose. What starts as a bit of irritation on your pup's nose can quickly turn into painful ulcerations that require treatment to heal.


A trip to the vet's will often result in a prescription for corticosteroids, which can be kind of hard on your fur buddy's body. Thankfully, there are some natural remedies that are just as promising as the hard stuff when it comes to symptom relief. You may choose to use one of these methods, or you can even combine several to suit your pupper’s personal situation. Below are some of the most promising natural remedies for Collie Nose.

  • Coconut Oil In recent years, mainstream media has taken note of coconut oil’s superpowers. This tropical substance has some pretty exceptional qualities. It fights against bacteria and fungus while also deeply moisturizing the skin. Applying coconut oil to your dog's Collie Nose can help prep the area for recovery. It is important to use organic coconut oil that has been harvested in natural ways to guarantee that you’re using the best product.

  • Ginger A newer power-root to the health scene, ginger has also been found to have excellent uses. If your four-legged friend has a sore nose that just won't heal, it might be time to add ginger to his diet. This natural remedy works on a genetic level to reduce inflammation. Collie Nose is caused by inflammation in the body, so it really does fit the treatment.

  • Sunscreen The sun's harsh rays can make a Collie Nose sufferer’s condition much worse. This is especially the case if the skin on the nose has begun to break open. It's important to protect this skin from the sun, either by keeping your dog indoors, or by applying sunscreen. Be sure to use a dog-friendly brand, as human sunscreen often contains zinc oxide (which is totally poisonous for pooches).

  • Aloe Vera This desert plant is full of healing goodness. The gel from the plant has soothing qualities that can bring your pup comfort. Apply the substance to your mutt’s sore sniffer to help take away any itchiness in the area. If the area has any sun damage, aloe vera will also take some of the heat out of your fur-baby's poor nose.


Collie Nose is no fun. By using natural remedies to combat this uncomfortable health problem, you can save your pooch from harsh hormones and other potentially damaging medications. Another great thing about these natural remedies is that they are generally less expensive than lengthy course of prescription drugs. So, the next time your pup's nose gets angry looking, trying a gentler method may work for you!

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Five starsFive starsFive starsFive starsFive stars

43k+ reviews


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© 2024 Wag Labs, Inc. All rights reserved.