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Can Dogs Eat Broccoli?


By Wag! Staff

Published: 07/12/2021, edited: 02/27/2024

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Broccoli’s fantastic. It’s a top-tier vegetable. Sure, it might be hard to get some kids to eat it. But it’s a fantastic green that’s full of nutrients and incredibly good for you. Plus, it looks like a little tree.

Being a responsible pet parent, you might have a lot of questions about this vegetable, when it comes to feeding some to your pup. Can dogs eat broccoli? Can dogs eat raw broccoli? Can dogs eat cooked broccoli? And, if they can do all of those, can dogs eat broccoli stems?

Don’t panic. Broccoli is one of the vegetables that’s perfectly safe for your dog to gobble right up. Like us, however, dogs can only eat broccoli within certain parameters. Just as you wouldn’t sit down and eat five kilos of broccoli, neither should your dog. Bloating will be the least of their problems. But there are other things you need to consider when giving broccoli to dogs, as we’ll discuss below.

So — for a more in-depth look at broccoli and how it can help your dog, read on. 

Is broccoli safe for dogs to eat?

Can dogs eat broccoli? The headline is yes, it’s absolutely fine — and indeed recommended — for your pup to eat, as long as you don’t add any seasonings (e.g. oil or salt and pepper) to the vegetable. When we talk about broccoli for dogs being safe to eat, we mean cooked or raw. While humans never really have uncooked broccoli, your pup will find it perfectly agreeable; who knows, it may even prefer it.

If your pup is trying broccoli for the first time ever, treat it like any other food — introduce it in small portions. If they’re allergic — which is unlikely — you certainly don’t want to have given them an entire bowlful.

Check your dog’s reaction; if they seem to be happy with a small amount of broccoli, give them a bit more broccoli. As a general rule, however, don’t give them more than 25% of their daily overall food intake, otherwise your dog may experience some physical repercussions, which might include diarrhea or constipation.

Does broccoli offer any health benefits for dogs?

Some people call broccoli (full name Brassica oleracea) a superfood. It’s not hard to see why; it’s good for humans and their bodies. But, is broccoli good for dogs?

Yes, it is. It’s great for them, in fact. Why? Well, this miniature tree is low in fat and high in the CAKE vitamins — C, A, K and E — and fiber. It’s also high in protein and contains calcium, iron, and folic acid. Last but not least, it helps to maintain healthy blood pressure; lowers cholesterol; and helps your heart. Because it’s high in antioxidants and vitamin A, it’s great for your dog’s eyes as well, helping stave off problems like cataracts.

The other fantastic thing about broccoli for dogs is the fiber. Fiber helps your furry friend’s digestion work properly, and it fills your dog up healthily, meaning they won’t go roaming around looking for snacks.

So when it comes to broccoli for dogs, we say, the more the merrier. 

What are the risks of feeding broccoli to dogs?

How much broccoli can a dog eat? Much depends on the size of your dog, of course, but vets recommend approximately 10% of a dog’s daily food intake. This is difficult to calculate without getting out the scales — which is unnecessary — so it’s fine to approximate and err on the side of caution. Don’t give it to your pup every day.

When you feed broccoli to your dog, you should be aware of various risks:

  • Broccoli can be a choking hazard. You need to be fully aware that this very versatile vegetable can also become a choking hazard. With this in mind, make sure you chop the broccoli up into easy-to-swallow pieces before letting your pup chow down.

  • Only in moderation. Broccoli is perfectly fine to give to your dog occasionally and in small amounts. However, it should never form a major part of your pet’s diet, so make sure it’s an occasional food rather than something your pooch tucks into on a regular basis. 

  • Broccoli could cause an upset stomach. Introducing any new food to your dog means you run the risk of causing an upset stomach for your pup. Broccoli florets contain isothiocyanates, which can cause gastric irritation in dogs if consumed in excessive amounts.  

  • Broccoli for dogs must be prepared properly. Finally, it’s important to remember that you should only ever give your dog broccoli that hasn’t been cooked in oil, spices, or any other seasoning. Whatever will make broccoli tastier for you will make it more dangerous for your dog.

So go ahead: exercise caution but don’t be afraid to introduce broccoli to your dog’s diet. In conclusion, is broccoli good for dogs? Yes it is!

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