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Five Ways to Keep Your Puppy Busy


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Keeping your Puppy Busy

If you have a puppy it is important to keep their minds active and to keep them as busy as possible if you want them to be well behaved and have a positive upbringing. There are various things which you can do to keep your puppy busy and here you will find the five best ways to do it.

The Five Most Successful Ways of Keeping Your Puppy Busy

The top five most successful ways of keeping your puppy busy include:

  1. Grooming
  2. Find a Toy
  3. Hide and Seek
  4. High Jump
  5. Bar Jump

All of the above will help to keep your puppies mind active and that in turn will keep them out of trouble and they will also bond with you.


Grooming is an important part of any dog’s life and whilst some dogs need more grooming than others, it is important to groom any dog no matter what their breed, at least once a day. It is always better to start grooming your puppy as soon as possible in order to get them used to it.

Another thing that grooming does as well as keeping the dog clean, is it bonds owner and dog and it also gets them used to physical contact. This is especially important if you want to show your dog.

Find a Toy

The find a toy game is fun and it really does use your puppy’s mind. The puppy will learn to use smells more directly and again this can be useful, especially to breeds such as the Bloodhound for example.

In order to play the game you will need to start by keeping the puppy on a lead and tying it to a chair or something similar. Have a few different objects with you and allow the puppy to watch you as you place each one down on the floor. Next get the puppy’s favorite toy and let them see that too as well as smell it. Next untie the lead discreetly, throw the toy over by the other objects and tell the puppy to fetch. As soon as they do praise them to let them know that they did the right thing. You will notice that the more that you do this game, the more the puppy will get used to picking out their toy and that is when you can start to change things around a little and introduce more objects for them to pick out.

Hide and Seek

The hide and seek game is another fun and bonding exercise which you can do with your puppy. It basically teaches the puppy to come to you so it is educational as well as fun.

Basically you start off by telling your puppy to sit and then stay. Next go and hide behind whatever you can and wait a few seconds before calling the dog to you. They should quickly and easily find you and as soon as they do praise them excitedly and tell them how good that they are. Every time that you play the game you should aim to make it a little more difficult in order to challenge your puppy’s mind.

The High Jump and the Bar Jump

Teaching your puppy to jump will give them good fitness and also keep their mind active. In the beginning you should simply just walk over the jump and try to see if that works. If not then you can always place the puppy on one side of the jump and you go on the other before calling them to you. As soon as your puppy jumps over the jump, praise them excitedly and let them know that they did the right thing. As they get older you may want to higher the jump so that it will be more challenging.

The bar jump is basically the same as the high jump but the bar starts at the very bottom of the jump which makes it a lot easier to jump over. The idea is to raise the jump after each session.

So those are the top five ways to keep your puppy entertained. Hopefully they will help you and always remember to praise the puppy every time that they do something right and let them know that what they did was the right thing.

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