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How to Choose the Best Bed for Your Cat


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If you’re a cat parent, then you already know how much our feline companions love to sleep. Adult cats sleep an average of 15 hours a day, and it’s all thanks to Mother Nature. In the wild, cats sleep up to 20 hours a day so that they’ll have enough energy to chase prey. Even though housecats don’t have to lift a finger to get their meals anymore, they’re still hardwired to catch Z’s for most of the day. Since your four-legged friend spends the majority of their time snoozing, why not make sure they’re happy and comfortable with a cat bed that’s right for them?

With so many options on the market, picking the best bed for your cat may seem like a daunting task. But it actually all boils down to letting your furry pal “choose” their own bed—the trick is to observe your cat’s personal preferences and sleep habits. Once you’ve figured out what your little tiger likes, you’ll have a good idea of what kind of bed to buy.

Types of cat beds

Cushions. Cushion cat beds are filled with fleece, polyester, or some other filling to provide a soft, comfy surface for your cat to lie on. Some have an open design, while others have raised sides or bolsters to make the occupant feel secure. 

Window perches. Window perch cat beds usually have a bare-bones design, but are a hit among felines who love to sunbathe, look at the view outside, or just hang out by the window. 

Pods. Pod cat beds are ideal for cats who like to hide in confined spaces. These egg-shaped pods are typically made of plastic or hard fabric and lined with a soft material or cushion. 

Orthopedic beds. If your feline friend is elderly or has arthritis, then an orthopedic cat bed will give them the ultra-comfy support they need. Although, cats who have no health conditions will find this type of bed great for snuggling too.

Heated beds. Cats who live in cold climates can stay warm and toasty with heated beds. This is especially important for senior felines and those who have little or no fur. Do note that heating pads are not suitable replacements for heated cat beds.

Novelty beds. Novelty cat beds come in a myriad of shapes and sizes that are sure to elicit a few laughs. From banana-shaped beds to cat chaise lounges, novelty beds not only give cats a nice spot to nap but also provide entertainment for cat parents.

Factors to consider

Regardless of the type of bed, you’ll want to consider the following factors as well:

Material. Popular materials that make for comfy beds include fleece, velour, microfiber, and faux fur. Needless to say, you shouldn’t choose a bed made with fabric that your cat is allergic to, if any.

Durability. Some cat beds cost more than others, but if they can withstand a good amount of biting or scratching and last for years, then they would be well worth the investment. Durability is also very important for window perch beds, as the outcome can be unpleasant if they detach and fall off.

Washability. Is the bed easy to clean if it becomes soiled? While cat beds don’t require a lot of cleaning, you don’t want to spend more effort than necessary when it’s time to do so. Many cat beds come with removable covers that can be quickly tossed into the washing machine.

Decorations. Avoid beds with loose decorations such as strings or beads. You don’t want your cat to accidentally swallow something they shouldn’t.

Helping your cat settle in

Now that you’ve selected a bed for your cat, where should you put it? The answer is simple: where does your cat like to sleep? Is it in a spot where the afternoon sun hits? Next to a window where they can peek at the outside world in between naps? Or somewhere elevated and hidden?

If your cat is a new addition to the family, pick a spot where they can hide, but still see their surroundings. New cat or not, most felines won’t be able to relax in the middle of a busy room. 

If your cat isn’t accepting their new bed, give it a good wash to remove the unfamiliar factory smell, or place a piece of clothing that you’ve recently worn on it. 

The best bed for your cat is the one that suits their preferences and habits, so treat your feline furiend to their own pawfect place to snooze the day away!

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