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How to Prevent Your Dog From Getting Mosquito Bites


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Mosquitoes are nasty little bugs that carry disease and could make your dog very ill. Mosquitoes can carry heartworms that can be fatal for dogs, along with viruses that can make both you and your dog sick. Add to that the annoying itchy bites they leave behind, and mosquitoes are not fun to deal with at all. If you live in an area where mosquitoes are prevalent and your dog is outside often, you may want to prevent your dog from being bitten, not only to keep them comfortable, but also healthy and to prevent the diseases which are carried by mosquitoes.

Use Scents to Repel Mosquitos

The number one way to keep mosquitoes away from your dog while outside is to repel mosquitoes from your home and your backyard. Avoid using any bug repellent sprays meant for humans. These sprays, especially the ones which contain DEET, can be toxic to your dog. You can make your own insect repellent at home using natural ingredients such as essential oils like citronella and lemon eucalyptus. Combining bug repelling essential oils in a spray bottle with water and a carrier oil or vodka creates a natural bug spray you can put directly on your dog's fur to repel the bugs. You can also spray your home, and your backyard, your patio furniture, and anywhere mosquitoes might congregate. Talk to a naturopathic or homeopathic veterinarian for ideas or tinctures you may use on your dog. Essential oils that repel mosquitoes include geranium oil, citronella, cinnamon oil, cedar oil, lavender oil, peppermint oil, thyme, and lemon eucalyptus. Citronella candles around your patio furniture could also repel mosquitoes, keeping them away from your dog as he relaxes or plays outside with you and your family.

Garden to Repel Mosquitos

You can also plant bushes and flowers around your home that naturally prevent mosquitoes. Citronella is a plant we often use because the scent of citronella keeps all sorts of bugs away. Citronella is often used in insect repellents and candles to keep them away from our bodies and our entertaining spaces. This is a perennial plant you can keep in pots surrounding your backyard or your patio. The potent smell of citronella typically keeps mosquitoes pretty far from your space. Lavender is also another pretty plant with attractive lavender-colored flowers. Lavender will not only brighten your garden, but also keep mosquitoes away from your yard. Lemon balm can grow into huge bushes giving you a large plant that repels and eliminates mosquitoes from your yard. Marigolds are another colorful flower that will look beautiful in your garden and in pots around your patio. Placing marigolds around entryways will keep mosquitoes from entering your home as your doors open and close. If you plant your garden in such a way to avoid annoying bugs such as mosquitoes, you could also attract butterflies and bees, creating a beautiful and safe place for your dog to relax and play.

Prepare Your Home, Yard, and Dog

Repelling mosquitoes from your personal spaces within your home and yard with oils, sprays, and plants is one thing. There are also things you can do for your home as well as your dog to keep mosquitoes from biting your dog. Keep your dog inside during peak mosquito hours. Mosquitoes are often most active outside at dawn and dusk each day. If you can avoid walking your dog or having your dog outside during these times, his chances of being bitten by mosquitoes will decrease.  Avoid standing water in your garden or your yard. Mosquitoes will reproduce in water, and if your dog is in your backyard often, he will possibly be bothered by the mosquitoes living around standing water. Be sure your house is protected from mosquitoes by keeping your screens and doors repaired and well-maintained. And to protect your dog against not only mosquitoes but certainly the diseases that mosquitoes can carry such as heartworms, be sure to talk to your veterinarian about prevention medications. Heartworm prevention can also help prevent mosquitoes from infecting and annoying your dog. Keeping your dog well-groomed and bathed will also prevent mosquitoes from being attracted to your dog.

Importance of Prevention

Because mosquitoes carry so many diseases and can cause serious illness to your dog, it is imperative we prevent mosquitoes from biting our dogs. Mosquitoes carry heartworms, which can be fatal. If your dog is infested with mosquitoes, you can bet your house, your backyard, and your family members will suffer as well. Mosquito bites can be painful, and the effects of mosquitoes can be expensive and worrisome. Preventing mosquitoes on your dog is much easier than handling the consequences of diseases carried by mosquitoes.


Ridding your house and your personal spaces from mosquito infestations and preventing mosquitoes from entering your yard can make you and your dog happier together. Natural, dog-safe repellents such as essential oils, smell good to you and your pets but repel critters such as mosquitoes. Enjoy your early mornings and evenings outside with your dog in a mosquito-free zone. Preventing mosquito bites on your dog can help to keep your dog healthy in many aspects.

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