The Benefits of the Mullein Herb for Your Dog

Too much strong medication and drugs can have a negative long-term effect on your dog’s health. Why not try the safe, natural, and accessible mullein herb first? As a dog owner, there is nothing worse than returning home from holiday, collecting your dog from the kennel, only to find out in the next few days that your much-loved dog has ‘kennel cough’. This is a serious ailment that mullein is the perfect, safe solution for.


Mullein is packed with a number of properties that make it the ideal home remedy treatment for a number of canine issues. From pain relief and reducing inflammation to its antimicrobial and antiviral properties, it’s no surprise that its use amongst down owners is increasing. It will help relieve your dog’s ear aches, fight kennel cough, and combat respiratory issues. Read on to learn specifically how it can improve your dog’s health and how you can administer it.


Respiratory Issues


Mullein consists of chemical properties that make it ideal for battling a range of respiratory issues. It naturally reduces inflammation and irritation, and it works quickly and effectively to break down mucus buildup in your dog’s airways. These properties make it perfect for treating kennel coughs, bronchitis, and asthma.


It is no surprise to learn that this herb features in the ‘Natural Health Bible for Dogs’. If your dog is suffering from blocked airways or a cough, mullein is the first herb to reach for from your natural first aid kit. The leaves, roots, and flowers all have the remedial properties needed to bolster their respiratory system. However, If you have any serious concern about your dog’s health or are not sure whether mullein is the right solution, then it is always advisable to contact your local vet.


Ear Issues


Mullein also has important properties that make it great in the fight against ear infections and other ear problems. When your dog is suffering from an earache, their quality of life will be hampered and they may seem lethargic and placid. That’s why remedying the issue promptly is essential. Because mullein can both relieve pain and reduce inflammation, it’s the ideal herb to apply to the affected ear.


As an added bonus, mullein can also help fight ferocious ear mites. As demonstrated in ‘Herbs for Pets’ by Gregory L. Tilford and Mary L. Wulff, mullein flowers are both antibacterial and antiparasitic, making them an effective barrier against an onslaught of ear mites. They can not only halt their progression, but even help get rid of them entirely!


Administering Mullein


One of the best things about mullein is that it can be used in its entirety. The flowers, leaves and roots all have the remedial properties you need. Plus, it’s a herb you can obtain easily and relatively cheaply from health food stores and the web.


You can administer the herb by making it into a tea. Simply apply two tablespoons into a cup of boiling hot water. Once the tea has steeped and cooled, strain the herb and the liquid will then be ready for use. Add around 10ml per 30 pounds of body weight to each of your dog’s meals. Or alternatively, add the liquid into a spray bottle. Then spray onto a cloth and gently apply to the problem area, several times a day, as needed. If you have further questions about using the herb for treatment, or want information about alternatives, your local vet will be able to offer you guidance.


The Verdict on Mullein


Mullein is a safe, natural herb that you can turn into an effective remedy from the comfort of your own home. It’s affordable, it’s accessible, and it’s completely safe to use. Unless your dog has an unusual allergic reaction, you do not need to worry about adverse effects. This is why it’s the perfect alternative to hard drugs and medication. Giving your dog too many serious drugs may well harm their health in the long run. If you want to explore risk-free, natural remedies, then this is the perfect herb to get your hands on to help fight your dog’s respiratory and ear issues.

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