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Why Do Puppies Eat Poop?


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There are few things in life that are cuter than a puppy. Something about their fuzzy faces just makes you want to kiss them. But many a new puppy parent is licked in the face with an unfortunate truth - their puppy is a poo-eater!


If you have noticed your fur-baby is also a part time turd smuggler, you're probably wondering why your pooch has picked up this nasty habit. Rest assured, you are not alone! Poop-eating among puppies is not uncommon and can be fairly harmless, but it's worth looking a little deeper to be sure there's no issues behind the log munching.


Here we have some of the top reasons that young doggos sample these smelly snacks. Take a close look at your dog's situation to see which one might apply.


  • Pure Curiosity Most of the time, a young pup enjoying some of the brown is simply just exploring. Dogs don't have hands, and as such tend to learn about the world around them with their mouths. Tastes and smells are so exciting, and poop is full of both! Just like human babies, puppies have a tendency to put everything in their yapper, especially if they're teething. So if your new addition tries out the odd bit of feces, don't worry too much. Most likely they will drop this habit as they get older.

  • Deficiencies Some puppies find their poop or the poop of others appealing because it is partially undigested. If your dog eats a lot of their own fudge, this may be a wake up call to you that their food is not right! It's really hard for dogs to digest the fillers that are found in many kibbles. Often what comes out is actually pretty close to what went in originally. That's one of the big reasons that so many are switching to raw diets. Your baby poochie will be able to digest so much more of his food if it is in a natural state. The proof will be in the “pudding”, so to speak. Dogs fed raw diets tend to have way smaller poops because they've absorbed far more nutrients.

  • Behavioral Issues Another main reason that some pups chose to nibble turd nuggets is because they aren't totally happy. This can happen when a high energy puppy is not being exercised enough. His boredom can end up as really offensive dog breath. Dogs who are punished too severely for their accidents may become afraid of leaving their poop around, thinking that if you see it, you'll scold them. Also, a pup who is crated for too long can become anxious, which may once again lead to snacking on stink cakes. Most of these issues can be solved by upping the amount of outdoor play your pooch is getting, and learning how to effectively correct your animal when he misbehaves.


So there you have it, your puppy's breath might be poopy because he's unhappy, unhealthy or just plain curious. No matter the reason, there are some things that you can do to help get rid of this fairly disgusting habit. Go out with your young pupper for bathroom breaks and scoop up the evidence before it becomes food.


You can also discourage poop investigation by making a loud command and guiding your dog away each time he has an encounter of the turd kind. Finally, make sure that you're giving your barky baby the best food, taking into account his species over your own convenience if at all possible. These steps can help turn a poop-eater into a number one good boy for life!

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