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Best dog walkers in Peebles

One of the most dog friendly neighborhoods in Bella Vista. Instantly book and meet an exceptional dog walker in Peebles today.

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Top dog walkers in Peebles

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Bella Vista, AR, 72715

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Wag! Walkers know Peebles

Peebles is a residential subdivision of Bella Vista, Arkansas. The community is centered around Peebles Lane and Peebles Crescent. There are no shops, restaurants, or other businesses within walking distance for Peebles residents, unfortunately. But this can be a plus for those who like to avoid traffic. 

Bella Vista gets more than the national average of rain per year, especially in the spring, so be prepared with rain gear to stay dry.  In the winter, precipitation occasionally falls as snow. Although Bella Vista only gets about 11 inches of snow per year, you will want to avoid it as it can make walking hazardous. Most of the time, however, highs in wintertime are often above freezing and a light coat is often adequate. Summer highs average around 90 degrees Fahrenheit.  The heat can make walking difficult and cause dehydration so bring water for both you and your dog on excursions and avoid the heat of the day!

What is the terrain like in Peebles?

The Peebles area is a highly rural residential area with plenty of natural forested spaces and undeveloped, varied terrain. There are some sloping sections and roads wind around natural terrain features. However, inclines are not steep and it is not difficult to walk with your dog. 

The region is sparsely populated with very large properties and lots of natural space between homes. Most residents have driveways and properties which are secluded and private. There are no sidewalks in the area to keep you and your dog separated from traffic on roadways. When walking along rural, residential roads, be sure to keep your dog securely leashed, on the opposite side from traffic, and walk on the right side of the road facing oncoming traffic.

There are some large golf courses in the larger Bella Vista region. Creeks, ravines, and Loch Lomond, a large lake with a dam, are located to the south.

How many greenways are there in Peebles?

The Branchwood Walking Trail can be accessed south of the Peebles community at the Branchwood Recreation Center. This paved, 1.5-mile walking path winds through natural terrain and hills and provides a beautiful local greenway where you can walk your dog.  

The Bella Vista area has developed an extensive trail system which consists of over 50 miles of trails and greenways with various surfaces both paved and natural. These trails will encompass areas with hills, rocky terrain, lakes, ravines, and forests.

Farther to the south, the Loch Lomond Recreation Complex has a greenway trail looping around recreational facilities. This trail can be accessed below the Loch Lomond Dam. Many Peebles residents find that their rural properties create plenty of greenways for walking with their dogs and natural trails in the area created by residents are enjoyed by local canines. Residents can also stroll with their pups along the winding peaceful rural roads in the area. 

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