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Why Are German Shepherds Easy To Train



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Why Are German Shepherds Easy To Train




On a Monday morning, you decide to leave your apartment and head on down the street to catch the subway. On your way, you see a German Shepherd puppy walking down the road with some members of the police force. Although this dog looks absolutely adorable, he also looks well trained for a puppy. You begin to watch this dog, tempted to bring home a puppy of your own. Yet, before you do so, you begin to wonder why this breed is easier to train than other dog breeds. German Shepherds are dogs that are easier to train over other breeds for many reasons. 

The Root of the Behavior

When you think of a German Shepherd, you probably will think of a dog that is more serious, tall, and well-behaved. In fact, you may even associate a German Shepherd with the police force or search and rescue teams. Yet, easy training comes from a deeper root than the common role of having a good work ethic. The German Shepherd dog is a breed of canine that originates from the country of Germany. This breed of dog has been around since the late 19th century and was created specifically for the purpose of herding and watching over cattle. They are similar to the Mastiff-type dog and have links to the Ancient Romans. Their history and role in herding required sharp attention and an efficient work ethic with determination. German Shepherds needed to gather cattle in a precise way and with their specific training, they became very successful at this job. In knowing this, German Shepherds were bred to listen, search, and be quick with their actions. 

This type of dog needs constant stimulation, exercise, and attention from those they are around. With these attributes, all German Shepherds have a tendency to want to excel, focus on their job, and follow orders from their owner. All canines come from the wolf and their ancestral roots will play an important role in how they interact with the world they live in. It is in their blood to follow through with training and organizational processes from herding to following the simple commands of sit, stay, and lay down. All dogs look up to their owners, but German Shepherds also are bred to be much more protective than other breeds. They will look up to their owners more than other breeds, follow what they learn, and use their high energy to complete what they need. 

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Encouraging the Behavior

When you have a German Shepherd, you are going to want to train him as a puppy. In fact, with German Shepherds, training is extremely important because of their high energy levels and need for attention. Depending on the temperament and personality of your puppy, your German Shepherd will most likely want to expend their high energy through receiving attention and activity and will thrive when you train them, especially when you know what you are doing. You will want to encourage training in your dog by taking them out and about on walks and going beyond the basic training can be beneficial for your dog, even if they do not need specific training for their everyday life. 

German Shepherds were bred to follow directions and complete a task such as herding cattle. They love having training and they love following the rules. If you do not give your dog attention or a task to follow, you may find your puppy getting into things, chewing on anything that is in their sight, and even expending their energy through reckless habits such as urinating in the house or excessive barking. Encourage your dog through training, give him something to do, and let him show his loyalty to you as an owner through all of his actions. 

Other Solutions and Considerations

If you have a German Shepherd, you are going to want to provide them with different forms of activity throughout their puppy stages and throughout their life. Training will be easier for you if you have the proper knowledge of what your dog needs. It is suggested that you analyze your dog’s personality and temperament, discover what types of activities they like, and learn how to properly train your dog. Yet, it is recommended to adjust all activity and training to your dog, specifically. This will make a huge difference in how you raise your dog and it will also make it easier and more encouraging for your puppy.


German Shepherds are the type of dogs that thrive in an environment with structure, attentiveness, and high energy. In fact, if you can give your dog playful adventures and activities to take part in, their life and relationship with you will be much more positive. Training will even come as easy as pie.

By a Golden Retriever lover Erika Seidel

Published: 03/27/2018, edited: 01/30/2020

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