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Why Do Chihuahuas Get Angry



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Why Do Chihuahuas Get Angry




Have you got a Chihuahua with a temperament as volatile as a volcano? Chihuahuas can get very angry at times. Considering the size of them, it's actually quite amazing just how much anger they can generate. They can be absolute ferocious beasts, but in miniature obviously. Is your Chihuahua the boss of the household? If he lays claim to a chair is there no way of getting him out of it without a big display of angry growling and snapping? Do you give in and leave him there just to have a bit of peace or do you pick him up and laugh at his bad tempered antics? An angry Chihuahua can be quite funny though their bad moods are not always laughing matters. So why do Chihuahuas get so angry?

The Root of the Behavior

Being the smallest breed of dog in the world, it's quite often not much fun being looked down on by everyone and everything. Humans and other larger breeds of dog, just don't take you seriously. But being tiny isn't what makes a Chihuahua angry. For a Chihuahua to be happy, contented, and good-natured, they really need to live by the same social rules as every other canine. Just because they're small and extremely cute, doesn't mean they should be treated differently than any other dog. When they are is when problems arise and they decide to show us the not quite so nice side of their nature.

Because they are so small, we pet owners can be very lenient when it comes to allowing the bad behavior of our Chihuahuas. It is very difficult to chastise a pup for any wrongdoing when they're not much bigger than your hand. Seems cruel somehow, doesn't it? It is far too easy to let them get away with things we'd never allow a bigger dog to do. We might think it doesn't matter if our Chihuahuas growl at us, but even though they're tiny, Chihuahuas have the same pack mentality as any other breed. If you don't demonstrate that you're the alpha in the household, you'll soon find your little four-legged friend will be running the whole show and that includes deciding who sits where.

Chihuahuas are not genetically programmed to be either angry or aggressive, but the same as any other pup would strive to get your attention in any way they can, so will a Chihuahua. If you reward your pup by taking notice of him when he's causing a rumpus, he'll soon realize that he can get your attention this way. Chihuahuas might be short on stature, but they're not short on intelligence. Pick your pup up when he's having a hissy fit and he'll soon be having them every five minutes. 

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Encouraging the Behavior

An angry dog is not a happy dog. Yes, it can be pretty amusing to see a tiny ferocious ball of fur running around the house in a mad tizz barking, growling, and generally behaving as if he rules the roost, but it's really not in your pup's best interest. That build up of stress he's feeling when he's angry is not healthy and can give your Chihuahua some long-term medical problems. The anxiety he's suffering when angry could also initiate a lot of other bad behavior like frequent urinating in the house, ripping things to shreds or give him panic attacks where he pants and shakes. Those are all things it's much better to avoid if you can.

A Chihuahua that gets angry is still a dog that's angry. Chihuahuas have pretty sharp teeth and know how to use them. A bite from a Chihuahua, even though their mouths are small, can be extremely painful. Even a little nip is seriously unpleasant. If you have visitors and your Chihuahua just happens to bite one of them or anyone that comes to the house, like a meter or delivery man, as ridiculous as it may seem, you could end up facing a lawsuit.

Other Solutions and Considerations

If your Chihuahua gets angry constantly, you might want to consider signing up for some training sessions with a professional dog handler. They'll be able to show you the correct techniques to calm him down, show him who really is the alpha in the pack and help restore the equilibrium in your household. If you think your Chihuahua may be suffering from anxiety because he pants and shakes a lot, the best thing to do is consult with a veterinary professional as soon as possible. They'll be able to give him a check over and advise you on how to make his little life a lot less stressful.


Yes, it's true, Chihuahuas do get angry, but it is mostly us pet owners who are at fault for encouraging their bad behavior. It is hard to castigate them when they are so undeniably cute, but if you don't, you will soon discover that a dog with diva syndrome is just one big no-no.

By a Chihuahua lover Liz Correal

Published: 04/03/2018, edited: 01/30/2020

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