Top 10 Cold Weather Dog Breeds

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Most pups love an afternoon walk in warm weather or lounging in the sunlight. But did you know there are some doggos that prefer frigid temperatures to heat and snow flurries to sunshine? It’s true. Breeds that hail from the northern countries, or that specialize in winter sports like dogsledding, thrive during the winter months. These cold weather creatures have thick fur and often double coats that keep their blood moving and bodies warm. They also tend to have broad furry paws to aide in walking across icy and snowy terrain. Live in a freezing climate? Here are the top 10 cold weather dog breeds. 

Alaskan Malamute

Hailing from the great frontier of Alaska, it should come as no surprise that Malamutes are partial to frosty conditions. They come from a long line of sled dogs and are perfectly at home hauling heavy freight across snowy terrain. Malamutes are also incredibly social pack animals that love to be around their peers and people. 

Siberian Husky

This gorgeous breed is active and can be quite silly. They are incredibly vocal and won’t hesitate to let you know how they are feeling. Their thick fluffy coat plays two roles- it keeps these doggos well insulated and it gives you the never ending task of cleaning up dog hair! Good thing they are so adorable!


If you aren’t familiar with the Keeshond, it’s time you were acquainted. This adorable breed has unique spectacle markings around the eyes that make them even more loveable. As far as their coat goes, think fluffy, fluffy, and fluffy. Go ahead and take a winter walk, there’s no way this furball will ever be cold!

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A true gentle giant, this breed is pawfect for family life. Once used as working dogs in frigid Canadian temperatures, Newfies are now more commonly found curled up and relaxing with the family. But when the snow falls, they’ll be more than delighted to jump up and help the kids make a snowman.

Norwegian Elkhound

With an impressive Scandinavian heritage, this breed can withstand even the bitterest of temperatures. Its smooth top coat combine with a wooly undercoat to create the ideal thermal layer that locks in heat. This breed loves being active, so a romp through the snow is a real treat. Go ahead and try Winter, but you’ll never get this dog down!

Tibetan Mastiff

Since this majestic breed originates from the villages of the Himalayas, it’s a good thing they have dense double coats that keep their body heat from escaping. Massive, intelligent, and kind of aloof, this breed is no stranger to chilly weather. While they enjoy being outside, they are probably too serious to have a snowball fight.  


When you are dealing with an Akita, you are dealing with royalty. Akitas were once only owned by the Japanese Imperial family. Today, they are increasingly pupular as household pets. When the snow falls, this breed stays cozy with their thick double coats. Spending time outdoors with their people is what Akitas live for. 

Bernese Mountain Dog

Berners were once the dog of choice for farmers in the Swiss Alps, so it’s no wonder they are built to endure piercing cold temperatures. With big paws and a sturdy frame, this breed can easily plow throw deep snow. Not only are they hardy, but they are super sweet and mellow. 

Great Pyrenees

Great Pyrenees have made a name for themselves as the great protectors of mountain herds. Come rain, shine or snow, they dutifully watch over livestock. Lucky for them they have a dense coat that keeps the chilly air from getting to their bones. There’s no doubt this breed will be just fine when the snow falls. 


You know that Samoyeds are beloved family pets. But did you know their ancestors were reindeer herders and sled pullers? That makes this breed even more impressive! These fun loving creatures require a lot of exercise, so get your snow boots ready. Even though it’s cold outside, they still need a walk!