Top 11 Tricolored Dog Breeds

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The tricolored dog is a pooch that has three distinct colors, such as brown, black, and white, or blue, black, and gray. Their coats are furfectly beautiful and make each dog unique because no two tricolor pupsters are exactly the same. Not to be confused with brindle or merle, tricolored doggos are unique. Brindles may also have three colors, but they are blended together or striped, while merle is a more marbled pattern with dark patches of color on a background of the same color. If you are looking for a furbulously coated pup, check out these top 11 tricolored dog breeds!

#1 Greater Swiss Mountain Dog

One of the most pawpular herding dogs, the Swissy is a gentle and furiendly pooch that loves to please, and with their black, brown, and white coloring, they are the furfect example of a tricolor breed. Bred for herding and guarding, these large dogs are also great at tracking, carting, and obedience.

#2 Entlebucher Mountain Dog

This furrific Swiss pooch is strikingly coated black, brown, and white like the Greater Swiss, but is smaller, fluffier, and stockier. Some say that the Entlebucher Mountain Dog fought alongside the Romans years ago, making them born warriors and protectors. These pooches also make great family pets, and love cuddling and playing with kids and other furry family members.

#3 Boxer

The Boxer is a medium to large pup that has a short coat of brown, black, and white, making them a tricolor breed. They got their name because they were once used to bait and fight bulls and other dogs. Luckily, that was outlawed, and now Boxers are just playful, loyal pets who love humans, as well as other animals.
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#4 Beagle

The medium sized Beagle sports a gorgeous and smooth coat of white, brown and black. Originally bred for tracking, this scent hound once hunted rabbits. Today, this easy-going dog loves to spend time with their family, and enjoys playing with the kids. Be careful though, as that nose can lead them to new adventures!

#5 Australian Shepherd

Another herding dog, these smart canine companions are loyal and furiendly as well. They are usually black, red, or blue mixed with white or brown, and have a long, fluffy coat. The Aussie is also excellent at flyball, agility, and tracking, and will herd just about anything, including people if given a chance.

#6 Australian Cattle Dog

Also known as the Blue Heeler, this black, brown, and gray pupster is also a pawesome example of a tricolor pooch. Dating back to the 1800s, these herding dogs may not be large, but they have an energy that cannot be beat, and an intelligence that helps them herd without getting overworked.

#7 Cavalier King Charles Spaniel

The fluffy and silky coat of the Cavalier comes in four distinct patterns, one of which is the tricolor combo of black, white and tan. Although they come from hunting dogs, these loving and playful pups are companion animals who love nothing better than to be near their people.

#8 Pembroke Welsh Corgi

The Corgi was a favorite of Queen Elizabeth, and she had several of them. These adorably short pups are typically brown, tan, and white, although the most striking tricolor combo is that of tan, white and black. The breed is often used for hunting and driving cattle by nipping at their heels. Even though they are small, they can scare a herd of bull into submission quite easily.

#9 Collie

The tricolor coat of black, white and tan is only one of the variations the Collie can have, but has today become distinctive of the breed. This Scottish herder is an active pup that is loving and very loyal to their family. They have also been known to be protective, and can keep the kids in line by herding them.

#10 American Staffordshire Terrier

These pawesome poochies come in a wide variety of diffurent colors such as black, brown, and white, or blue, black, and gray. Although they were used to bait and fight other dogs and bulls in the old days, the Staffy is now a loving and cuddly pup who just wants to snuggle.

#11 English Bulldog

The short and sleek coat of the meaty Bulldog can come in the tricolor pattern of white, black, and brindle or fawn. These stocky pups were once used for bull and bear baiting, but today can be found lazily relaxing near their owners. This dog is also sweet and playful, and is pawrific with kids.