Top 8 Dog Breeds with Brindle Markings

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Whoa, was that a brindle pup or a tiger? Even though they both have stripes, dogs and tigers are worlds apart. For example, unlike some doggos, a tiger probably wouldn't sprawl across your entire bed when they sleep. Brindle markings are one of the most distinct patterns a dog’s coat can have. While they do resemble tiger stripes, the color is a bit different. Usually the dark stripes run over a brown coat, causing a puptastic effect. Brindle breeds also have dogs with other colors, but the luckiest of dogs end up with the fancy stripes. Keep reading to learn about the top breeds with brindle markings. 

#1 Boxer

You really can’t find a more dignified looking pooch than the boxer. Their stern eyes and square jaw leave them looking like they always have something serious to say. But they are doggone handsome, especially with a brindle coat. These pups need plenty of exercise and are good with kids, making them an excellent family dog. They can be a bit stubborn, so early training is necessary. 

#2 Treeing Tennessee Brindle

With a name like that, this doggo is sure to make this list. Once they’ve spotted their prey, these hunters trap it in the tree and bay to notify their two legged partner. Not only are they skilled hunting dogs, Treeing Brindles bond well with their people. Bring one of these into the pack and you get a great sportsman combined with a loveable pet!

#3 Great Dane

As if this breed wasn’t striking enough, add brindle markings to this gentle giant and you get one fine looking canine! Since they are so enormous, Great Danes are not a good fit for those living in tight quarters. These doggos need plenty of room just to get around. Despite their intimidating appearance, they are sweet, laid back and pawsome with two legged children. 

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#4 Boston Terrier

Sweet round eyes, short nose, and pointed ears? Must be a Boston Terrier! These dogs are usually seen with a black and white tuxedo coat, but if you’re lucky, you’ll get a brindle Boston. Since they are portable, friendly, and require little space, Boston Terriers are ideal urban dwellers. They are also adaptable, so they’ll be just fine as long as they near to their people. 

#5 Cardigan Welsh Corgi

Unlike their cousin the Pembroke Welsh Corgi, the Cardi has a long fluffy tale. Sometimes they come with merle markings, and sometimes they have reddish colored coats. But the brindle Corgis are simply pawtastic! Even though they are low to the ground, these pups have big personalities and are capable of herding cattle. They love their families, and are companion animals at heart. 

#6 Bullmastiff

What do you get when you cross a Bulldog and a Mastiff? A Bullmastiff, of course! Not quite as large as the Mastiff, these doggos are still a force to be reckoned with. They can be red, fawn, or brindle in color.The wide chest, dark eyes, and commanding stance are no doubt intimidating. With early training and socialization, Bullmastiffs can be woofderful canine friends too. 

#7 Staffordshire Bull Terrier

A square jaw, big brown eyes, and a rock solid physique are the trademark characteristics of these pups. This breed comes from England, and unfurtunately, due to their past, Staffies sometimes get a bad rap. While it’s true that they can be aggressive, if they are properly trained and socialized while in their puppy years, they can be amazing companions and even family dogs. 

#8 Whippet

Whippets look like miniature Greyhounds. And just like their much larger racing friends, these dogs are woofin’ fast! They thrive on running and enjoy a good chase, but when they stop, they are just as sweet as can be. Calm, dignified, and loyal, they are furrific little doggos that are great for small living spaces. As long as they have a place to run, that is.