Top 10 Dog Breeds for Singles

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Just because you might be riding the 'single life' card right now doesn't mean you have to do everything on your own. In fact, single life is neither good or bad, but sometimes being single can get lonely. Luckily, man's best friend—aka dogs—are the best remedy to stave off loneliness, especially on those dreadful ooey-gooey holidays or chilly winter nights when you want to curl up with a furry furiend. While just about any dog breed will do the trick for providing much-needed company (or getting the attention of another human friend), there are some pups who will just love you unconditionally.

Shelter Dog

If you've ever had the pure blessing of owning a shelter dog, then you truly know the meaning of "Who rescued who?" Mutts, and/or shelter dogs, are some of the most faithful, loving, and loyal dogs in the world. If you find yourself single and looking for a forever friend, head to the shelter today!

Golden Retriever

Golden Retrievers are one of the world's most loved and lovable dogs. It's hard not to feel loved with a Golden at your side! For all those single people out there willing to give an ounce of love to this creature, be prepared to get ten tons of love back at you, every day, with every slobbery kiss and playful bark!

German Shepherd

German Shepherds are furrific companions for single people, thanks to their faithful nature and protective spirit. You'll never have to fear walking alone at night if your furry German Shepherd is by your side. Take heart in the fact that these furry beasts will do whatever it takes to make you feel loved and secure.
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French Bulldog

Like the Bulldog, these pups are cuter, smaller, and a tad more romantic (they're called 'Frenchie' for a reason). These social, lively pups are hard to beat when it comes to finding a social pawtner to hang out with at home or go out on the town. Get ready to go out on loads of dates if you're strutting through town with a Frenchie!

English Bulldog

Even if you are single and not ready to give your heart to a significant someone, it's hard not to love an English Bulldog (I mean, have you seen their face?). This dog breed is known for their hefty stature, yet docile nature. If loyalty and a cuddle buddy is what you're looking for, the English Bulldog is the dog for you.

Yorkshire Terrier

If you're single and not ready for a big change in your life, then perhaps the bite-sized Yorkshire Terrier will do the trick. They make great companions and can perfectly adapt to your apartment space and single lifestyle. These good-natured pups are ideal companions, offering lots of love and entertainment!


Passers-by won't be able to resist stopping to pet your Pug. These smooshy-faced doggoes are both fun and entertaining! Go on walks in the city or the park, or grab a coffee at your favorite dog-friendly coffee house with your Pug and see for yourself. These furry friends can integrate into any social scene, placing you at a clear advantage.


No need to worry about apartment space with this dog breed! The Chihuahua makes the pawfect little companion thanks to its friendly nature and small size. If you hate going places by yourself, the Chihuahua is the ideal dog to have since it can practically go everywhere you go, as long as it's got a portable carrier.

Great Dane

With a Great Dane at your side, you'll be making a statement. Great Danes are known as "gentle giants" and will totally have you fall head-over-paws in love with them. They make furrific companions, so you'll never be bored with this dog breed. Just make sure you have the room to accommodate a Great Dane in your life.


Boxers are known for their fun personalities, bright mind, and playful nature, making them a furrific partner for the single lifestyle. Not only will they keep you entertained if you're feeling lonely, you'll always be surprised with a Boxer around. Moreover, their stout body and fearless spirit make them pawtastic at protecting their owners if need be.