Top 10 Dog Breeds To Keep As Outdoor Dogs

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Dogs are woofderful pets, and most breeds can live happily in a domestic situation. But that may not always be possible. Some owners prefer owning work dogs who live outside, while others may need to keep some distance from their pooches due to allergies. Depending on the climate you are in, it may just be preferable to let your pup enjoy the sun and stars full time. There are certain breeds which are better suited to outdoor living due to their physical make-up and temperament, and definitely enjoy hanging outside. These 10 puptastic breeds are much more content when they have their own living space outdoors, and would make pawsome outdoor dogs!

#1 Siberian Husky

The Siberian Husky is one puptastic breed which relishes life outdoors. These blue-eyed fur babes of the canine world like nothing better than laying outside in all weathers. They're never happier than when snowflakes are falling on their muzzles, don't mind the rain, and are content with their own company.

#2 American Foxhound

The American Foxhound is a puptastic breed which is gentle and loving, but appreciates having their own space. These pups prefer to be in their own backyard than sharing a mat in front of the fire with a cat. These pawsome pups have independent natures making them ideal outdoor doggos.

#3 Australian Cattle Dog

The Australian Cattle Dog is a breed which adores the outdoors and wide open spaces. Indoors, they can be fretful and restless if they are enclosed for too long. This furrific pup loves to be busy, and guarding a home is one of the jobs they enjoy the most.
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#4 Irish Wolfhound

The Irish Wolfhound loves the outdoors. That's pawsome because unless you live in a mansion, you'll be looking for more space with one of these pups at home. These very large dogs love to sprawl out, and with their exceptionally long legs, they need room to do it.

#5 Norwegian Elkhound

The Norwegian Elkhound is a herder and guardian doggo which doesn't adjust well to being indoors. These pups were bred for the outdoors, and that's where they love to be. No strange nighttime noises will startle these guys. These pups are super brave, and have even been known to tackle bears.

#6 Mastiff

Mastiffs are pawsomely mammoth pups who love a quiet environment and lots of room to stretch out. They like to take everything at their own pace, and don't settle well in the hubbub of a home. They are puptastic dogs, super-loving, and a great breed of doggo for keeping outdoors.

#7 Greater Swiss Mountain Dog

The Swissy is the pawfect breed for outdoors. Bred as working dogs in Switzerland, these  black, white and tan pups are strong enough to pull a cart. They love company, but are content on their own, and are even happier when they're working or guarding their pet parent.

#8 Rottweiler

The Rottweiler is a colossally sized canine breed which absolutely thrives outdoors. While they do make impressive guard dogs and are a furrific deterrent to would-be thieves, they're also super softies, and are loyal and loving to their owners. Whether indoors or out, Rotties make pretty woofderful pets.

#9 Beagle

The beautiful Beagle is a breed which are pawfect for outdoor living. These cute, but hardy hunting dogs can be pretty mischievous in a home environment, and destructive if not exercised enough. Strong independent characters, they like to rule their roost and are happy to do it in the backyard.

#10 Mutt

Larger-sized Mutts can make great outdoor dogs. They adapt easily to whatever environment they're are in, make great guard dogs, and are also furrific fur buddies. Sometimes, man's best friend doesn't need to be a purebred. A pup adopted from a shelter can be the best outdoor dog ever.