Top 10 Dog Breeds for Helping with Balance

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Medical service dogs can do many things for people living with disabilities. For those that need help with balance, mobility assistance dogs are generally found amongst breeds that are large and muscular enough to be able to handle the weight of an average adult. These medical response dogs can help wheelchair bound people move from a wheelchair to the bed, chair,  or toilet, or can help stabilize someone who has dizzy spells, or has an injury or handicap that makes it difficult for them to keep their balance. They can also be trained to get you a phone, turn on lights, and retrieve medication or other objects when needed. While any large breed can be trained for these tasks, we've chosen the top breeds that are pawfectly suited to help you with balance and support.

#1 Labrador Retriever

These big, friendly pooches are furfect for this job. Smart enough to learn how to help, such as by retrieving objects, they are also muscular and strong enough to support most adults. The Lab’s gentle demeanor is a comfort to anyone who needs them, which means this dog is a helper in all ways!

#2 Golden Retriever

The Golden Retriever is a family favorite and is also one of the best service dogs for all kinds of uses because of their sensitivity and tender loving care. This furrific breed is also a fast learner and has a sweet disposition with an empathetic side, so they can sense your mood.

#3 Standard Poodle

The Poodle is the oldest breed of dog, and one of the most clever animals as well, with the ability to learn quickly and the energy to be constantly by your side where you need them. They also love their humans and will do anything to make sure you are happy and safe.
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#4 Newfoundland

Due to their large frame, this gentle giant can handle a lot of weight, and makes a pawfect pup for mobility challenges. Newfoundlands are calm and sweet, as well as intelligent, and will be there for you for emotional or physical support. They also make good watchdogs, so you can feel safe with this doggo nearby.

#5 Bernese Mountain Dog

This strong and big dog used to pull carts, and is a furrific choice for adults needing help with balance. The Bernese is also known for being very sweet and gentle, and is even great with kids. They are also really smart and can easily be trained to help you get wherever you need to go.

#6 German Shepherd

This bright and strong breed can be counted on to stick to you like glue, and has the strength and size to keep anyone on their feet. Quick to learn and loyal to their humans, the German Shepherd is one of the best for just about any service job, including military and police work.

#7 Great Dane

This giant doggo is pawfect for bigger folk needing mobility support. Not only are they as tall as some tables and countertops, but they are strong too. They are also sweet and gentle, and love to please their people. Great Danes need to be close, and will be by your side no matter what.

#8 Rottweiler

Big and strong, as well as furiendly and gentle, the Rottweiler has the ability to pull heavy carts and herd cattle, so being your shoulder to lean on is a breeze for them. They are also incredibly loyal and will protect you and your family from anyone or anything that may harm you.

#9 Mastiff

One of the largest and strongest dog breeds, the Mastiff will not only be a pawtastic guardian for you and your family, but also a sturdy support. This muscular giant can handle a lot of weight, and can help you get wherever you need to go. They are also super gentle and affectionate too!

#10 Doberman Pinscher

These working dogs are widely known for their protection skills, but they make pawmazing brace dogs too! Strong and energetic, Dobermans are very loyal, and will always be there when you need them. They are also very smart and can be trained to help you with whatever tasks you require of them.