Top 10 Dog Breeds in Canada

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Canada is the world's second largest country by landmass, but is only ranked 38 by population. That means there's a lot of space between people, and the way the Canadians combated this before cars were mushing dogs. Although cars make it much easier to travel, the country still holds annual dog mushing competitions that travel the country. Other then for transportation, dogs have always been a favorite companion to Canadians, thanks to their loving and affectionate personalities. Not all dogs can live in Canada easily though, and plenty will need to have thick coats or just a general love for the cold. Check out these top breeds for life in this northern country!

Labrador Retriever

The Labrador Retriever is the number one pick for Canadians. These loyal and laid back pups make for great pets no matter where you live thanks to their outgoing and intelligent personalities. These pups are especially great in Canada since they have thick coats to keep them warm, and an affectionate demeanor that makes for great warm cuddles.

German Shepherd Dog

German Shepherd's are one of the most recognizable pups in the world, thanks to their distinctive coloration, fine coat, and pointed ears. These dogs are natural protectors, agile, and muscular. Although these dogs aren't used in labor as much anymore, their thick fur still makes them resilient to the Canadian cold and allows them to stay outside for a long time.

Golden Retriever

Golden Retrievers have been a favorite since their existence, whether you live in Canada or elsewhere. Faithful and affectionate, these pups stay loyal to their owners and will always stick by your side no matter the temperature. Their smooth coats help them resist the cold, which is great since they are active outside dogs.
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Poodles are known for their thick, curly hair, that is often trimmed and groomed into interesting styles. This type of fur makes them the perfect companions in Canada since the coat's durableness and thickness resists the cold temperatures that are frequent here. Besides the nice coats, Poodles are intelligent, alert, and active pups, and make great guard dogs.

Shetland Sheepdog

The Shetland Sheepdog is a fun-loving and hard-working dog, who is loyal, playful, and very trainable. They listen and thanks to their origins in sheepherding, these pups are great for running and traveling through rough terrain. Their thick coats make it easy for them to temper the cold. This year, these pups passed Havanese breeds on the list.

French Bulldog

Canadians originally descended from French immigrants, so it's no surprise that the French Bulldog makes this list. Although these pups don't have much in the way of a fur coat, their easy going and lively personalities are enough to make these pups a favorite for Canadians. Plus, they love to play outside and will still drag you out into the snow!


The Havanese breed isn't the first pup you'll think of when you think of Canadian pups, but these their double coats give them an advantage over other dogs. Soft to the touch, but thick, their coats will keep them warm in most conditions, and with such affectionate and gentle personalities, they make for great snuggle buddies in the cold!

Bernese Mountain Dog

It's no wonder why Bernese Mountain Dogs make the top ten list for a favorite in Canada, as these pups are known for their herding of sheep in the mountains. Thanks to their thick coats, they tend to thrive best in the cold. They are loyal and faithful, and will stick by your side, even in the freezes of the Great North!

Australian Shepherd

Australian Shepherds have always been a favorite for people either looking for good family dogs, or labor dogs to help on farms and ranches. Tough, energetic, and easily trainable, these pups don't let the cold bother them if they have a task to do, and will continue to work even in the frigid cold.

English Bulldog

English Bulldogs are short pups, known for their bulky bodies, short snouts, and wrinkled faces. These cuddly pooches are perfect to cuddle up with to keep warm in the cold, and their docile and willful personalities help them get used to the cold pretty quickly. Their short snouts prone them to over-heating, making them a great fit to live in Canada.