Top 10 Dog Breeds in the UK

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Think of British dog breeds and the first which comes to mind will probably be the emblematic Bulldog. While it is a popular pup in the UK, it surprisingly doesn't make the top ten list. For most pet parents, a bulldog's heavyweight looks and slobbery chops are hard to handle. The Brits do love their pooches though, and there are some breeds which never go out of favor. While preferences can vary greatly between city and country locations, there are some breeds which seem universal to the British Isles. Check out this list of the top choices of pups that can be found walking the UK streets and invading their parks!


Topping the list of dog breeds in the UK is the mutt, or mongrel, as they're called in Britain. Yes, those loveable mixed breed doggos of undefinable race and origin with no researchable ancestral tree. Mutts make the world go round and make the best pets. The Brits love them.

Labrador Retriever

Labradors are the old faithfuls of British society. Black or golden was always the usual colors of choice, but now chocolate labs are a serious trend. No matter the color of their fur, they are all pawsome pets, great doggos with kids, and just puptastic to have in the family.


Labradoodles may be a crossbreed, but they are, for the Brits, a breed apart. Labradoodles epitomize pup chic and are a favorite breed in both town and country. The curly haired doggoes have the stature and fur of standard poodles, but ooze the loving charm of a labrador, and are sure to steal your heart.
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Miniature Schnauzer

The puptastic Miniature Schnauzer ranks in the top ten breeds of most pupular dogs in the UK. They're small, but sturdy and are overloaded with character. Grey and white in color, the males look pawsome with bushy mustached muzzles. They make great pets for city dwellers and don't shed hair.

German Shepherd

British pup owners love big breeds, and the furrific German Shepherd is a top favorite in the UK. Their regal stance and gentle intelligence makes for a great family pet. They're loving and protective to children, but above all, they're super loyal to the pet parent who cares for them.

Yorkshire Terrier

The Yorkshire Terrier is one pawsome pup which will never go out of favor in the UK. The Brits adore these cute, long-haired mini mutts. They are the perfect furry companion for dog lovers who don't have a garden or live in high-rise apartments. A Yorkie's mega personality is enchanting.

Border Collie

Border Collies are one of the UK's favorite working dog breeds. Watching well-trained collies perform their tasks at sheep event trials is a popular rural pastime. Who couldn't fail to be impressed by demonstrations of these pawsome pups' skills and obedience as they drive a flock across a field?

West Highland White

The stocky West Highland White, or Westie, is one well-loved doggo in the UK. Westies are a pupular breed in both urban and rural locations. Their cheeky characters are a bundle of fun. Westies have high energy levels and need lots of exercise. Fortunately, they don't mind the British rain.

Cavalier King Charles Spaniel

Spaniels and their many variations are one of the top most popular breeds in the UK. The Cavalier King Charles Spaniel has all the characteristics of the breed, but is toy-sized which makes it ideal for smaller homes. There's not one Brit who can resist those luscious long ears and doe-eyes.


Pitbulls are a pawsomely popular breed in the UK. Their cheerful countenance and solid, muscular form are what attracts many British pet parents to own one. They're puptastic companions, although they like plenty of space and lots of outdoor exercise time, so are not the best suited to city living.