Top 10 Dog Names in Atlanta, GA


There are over 69 thousand households in Atlanta, Georgia with dogs, which is over 54% of the people in Atlanta who have a canine kid. In fact, this dog furiendly city was named America’s 9th best city for dog owners by in 2016, and one of the top pet-friendly cities in the United States by in 2017. It's not hard to see why when you find out about all the places in Atlanta where dogs are welcome. 

There are 25 different pawesome dog parks in Atlanta for you to visit. Some of these include the Piedmont Dog Park on Park Drive in downtown Atlanta, which is free, fenced, has plenty of benches, and water stations, and Grant Park on Cherokee Avenue that has free parking, water fountains, and a walking path. 

There are also 24 restaurants in Atlanta that allow pups, including the Lost Dog Tavern on Roswell Road, which has a fenced in play area for your fur buddy, and Joe’s on Juniper, one of the favorite dog fur-iendly eateries in Atlanta. It’s hard to beat a town like Atlanta that enjoys its pooches as much as they do. Here are the top dog names you will hear called out in this pup-friendly town. 

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This Italian name meaning beautiful is a nickname for Isabella, Arabella, and Isabelle. Your gorgeous pup will be proud to sport this name on her walks on Atlanta's streets.
The pawfect thing about this name is that you can use it for a male or female dog because it is short for both Maximillian and Maxine. The name also means greatest in Latin, and your pup sure is the greatest, right?
This English variation on the name Lucia means light, and would be woofderful for the bright pup star in your life. This girl will brighten the dog park even on a cloudy day.
This is another name that can be for a male or female, although it is most commonly given to males as it means free man. Your free-spirited and independent pup would suit this name well.
Italian for moon or silver, the name is given to those who shine, like your pawesome pooch. Luna was also the Goddess of the Moon in Roman Mythology.
This is an American name that desinates the popular flower the yellow center and white petals. Easy going daisy will liven up your meal at your favorite Atlanta dog-friendly restuarant.
A craftsman or one who creates pawesome works of art from wood, Cooper is usually given to a male but can also be a female name meaning fun and happy.

Pawfect for either a male or female, Bailey means castle or fortress, or even Goddess. According to the English, dogs named Bailey are good-natured and loyal, which is exactly what you were looking for, right?

Those with big personalities are usually named Rocky and are typically strong and playful. Known for the famous boxer, your furry bruiser will enjoy strutting this powerful name around Atlanta.

It is not difficult to know why you would want to name your canine kid Buddy, because it means friend or pal. Buddy was also the name of President Clinton’s family dog.