Top 10 Dog Breeds That Don't Bark

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If you are wanting to find a fur-ever friend, but want to keep the peace in your home, then looking for a pup that doesn’t bark might be the way to go. Not all dogs need to vocalize their wants and needs, and many are just too chill to talk. If you live in an apartment or have close-by neighbors, having a dog that rarely barks will be appreciated by all. Certain breeds are less vocal then others, so here is the Top Dog Breeds That Don’t Bark list. Choose wisely and find that perfect puptastic pal to fit your peaceful life.

Bernese Mountain Dog

These stunningly beautiful dog swith their multi-colored, shiny coats are a large breed dog, and bred to work on the farm. They easily befriend one person, but can live happy in a large family unit. Barking is not necessary for this breed – just one look will send any intruder away.

Cavalier King Charles Spaniel

This pup is too cute to need to bark. The Cavalier King Charles Spaniel will melt your heart. This toy breed is perfect for a smaller environment, or for someone who wants to pick up their pawtastic pup and go! They are very quiet and make friends easily. Your pup will be the hit of the dog park, but will rarely say a single word!

French Bulldog

Quiet and calm are characteristics of the French Bulldog, a smaller variety of the standard bulldog.  ‘Frenchies,’ as they are called, love to snuggle up and nap, and don’t require much outdoor time, which makes this an ideal pup for the elderly. They rarely have much to say – you will just need to read their expression to find out what they want.

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Bulldogs are a great choice for a non-barking kind of dog because they have the attitude of not really caring much! They are stout and sturdy and can take care of themselves with just a special look in their eye. No sounds are necessary as they get their point across just fine! This friendly companion will be happy just relaxing!


This hound dog is a non-barker for sure. Basenjis do have another way of vocalizing however, if they feel the need, which is not very often! Yodeling is more like the sound they make when needing to warn you of something amiss. This medium-small dog is a great fit for any family, and a loving companion as well.


This beautiful dog is stunning to look at, but not much in the way of vocalizing. Their coats flow in the wind and their faces will make anyone smile. These pups run like crazy if they need to, but are usually happy to meander around or take a quiet walk with their best friend. The Borzoi is a top pick for a quiet environment.

Scottish Deerhound

Finding a non-barking dog is not a tall order when you consider this pup. The Scottish Deerhound is almost 36” high and sports a royal look in his eyes. Super gentle and loving, this dog rarely speaks. They will play with the youngsters outside, or lay down for endless hours and rest. Whatever you need them to do, they are quietly willing and able.

Soft-Coated Wheaten Terriers

Hugs is all this pup needs to live apparently! The Soft-Coated Wheaten Terrier is a gem of a dog, with beauty, charm and charisma all rolled into one pawtastic pup! This medium-sized dog would rather jump up to greet someone then vocalize their arrival. Take this pup anywhere you like and they will be happy.

Shiba Inu

Another pup with not much to say is the Shiba Inu. This small dog is happy to keep their mouth shut and listen to all the passerbys talking about them. Beauty, grace and just plain cuteness are all this pup needs without barking one single word. A great companion dog, this family-friendly pup is a great non-barking pick!

Australian Shepherd

Loyalty is high on this pup’s list of attributes! The Australian Shepherd is smart, alert and easily loved, so they don’t have to say much to get your attention. They are great protectors, but gentle medium-sized dogs. Their shiny fur adds to their charm, and going for a car ride might be all this pup needs to stay happy.