Top 10 Dog Breeds that Love Car Rides

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Wanna go for a car ride?? Chances are your canine companion will beat you to the car! Studies suggest there's a scientific reason why many pooches love hitting the road with their humans. It could be the smorgasborg of smells and sounds that blast into your pup's face when they stick their head out the window. Or maybe they just love the wind in their fur and their person by their side. Keep in mind that not all dogs love travel, and you should never force a travel-fearful dog to take a ride. Here are some of the top dog breeds that tend to make excellent road trip companions!

#1 Japanese Chin

Japanese Chins are small and indoorsy creatures, who make great companions and lap dogs. Just make sure if they're on any lap, they stay on your co-pilots! These pups are highly trainable and watchful without being aggressive. Your Japanese Chin will love to feel the breeze running through their thick mane and plumed tail.

#2 French Bulldog

Frenchie owners can attest that their pooches are affectionate and brimming with joy. These clowns love being the center of attention, and want to be a part of everything. French Bulldogs are fun loving little guys who are eager to join you for a ride wherever you're going, unless it's to the vet!

#3 Newfoundland

Newfies are adaptable to new situations and environments, making them great travel pals no matter the destination, as long as they fit in your car! Don't let their massive size scare you, as they have calm, patient, and sweet dispositions. They are excellent swimmers, so don't forget to bring your Newfie if you're heading to a lake or the ocean!
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#4 Bassett Hound

Just seeing the Basset Hound's massive ears flapping in the wind is a treat in itself! This scent hound makes a great co-pilot, and can be your GPS. They are self-assured, ready for adventure, and low-key. Just don't be surprised if your canine co-pilot dozes off in the passenger seat on a long drive.

#5 Labrador Retreiver

Labrador Retrievers are the most pawpular dog breed for good reason. They are even-tempered, devoted, obedient, and eager to please. These pups need a lot of stimulation, so be sure to make frequent rest stops. Outgoing and friendly, these doggos are sure to make friends wherever you pull-over on your road trip.

#6 Clumber Spaniel

Famously mellow and easy-going, the Clumber Spaniel may be your road dog of choice. These amusing doggos will happily roll with the flow as you travel from place to place. A hunting companion of kings, these guys are gentlemanly and dignified pals who are sure to add some class to your ride.

#7 Standard Poodle

In Steinbeck's famous travelogue "Travels with Charley", he makes a road trip around the United States with his Standard Poodle. Like Charley, these energetic and adventurous dogs share a close bond with their owners. Another perk to this road dog is that they don't shed, so no need to vacuum your car after!

#8 English Bulldog

The English Bulldog's face is the universal symbol for courage and tenacity. Don't let their sourmug fool you, this well-muscled bruiser is kind, friendly, and amusing. They can be bullheaded and determined, until they fall asleep and start snoring in the backseat. These dudes are excellent with children and can keep the kids entertained on a family road trip.

#9 Maltese

Malteses are intelligent, easy going pals that want nothing more than to love and be loved. They often only weigh about seven pounds, making it a breeze to load them in and out of the car. Who can say no to a car ride when your Maltese is staring up at you with those big, dark eyes?

#10 Chihuahua

Chihuahua's are travel-sized little buddies with huge personalities that are sure to keep you entertained on the road. Their little bodies don't require much exercise, so it's likely you'll need to get out of the car to stretch before they do. You could even take your Chihuahua on a road trip down to Mexico, where they're the national symbol!