Top 10 Spaniel Dog Breeds

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Spaniel pooches are a unique breed in that they are a type of gun dog that is bred to flush prey out of the bushes for hunters. There are two types; water spaniels that are used to retrieve waterfowl, and land spaniels, which do best on the land flushing pheasants, rabbits, and other field prey. Most spaniels have a broad muzzle, long floppy ears, and a wavy long coat. In fact, the word spaniel actually means a breed of dog with a long silky coat and drooping ears. They come in all diffurent colors and sizes, and while some are better hunters, others are furfect lap dogs. Here’s the top 10 spaniel dog breeds in the United States.

#1 Cavalier King Charles Spaniel

This pawpular little spaniel is number one because not only are they pawesome hunters, they are small enough to be furfect lap dogs, and they love to be cuddled. They have a long, wavy coat that comes in many colors and love kids and other pets, but will chase small animals like rabbits and hamsters.

#2 Brittany Spaniel

This bundle of energy was bred to be a hunter, and they are furrific at their job, but they are also excellent family pets. Lovable and loyal, these silky sweethearts love to play with whoever or whatever is around. Of the spaniels, this one is the easiest to care for with a shorter coat than the others.

#3 English Springer Spaniel

The English Springer Spaniel is a true gundog that lives to hunt and can flush and retrieve prey all day long, and then head home to play all night. These beauties are also great companions and show dogs, and are furiendly enough to enjoy living with kids and other pets, including cats.
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#4 American Cocker Spaniel

This is the most well-known spaniel, and their long silky coat comes in 13 diffurent colors and two styles of markings. They have a pawsitively wonderful personality and love attention, but they are also great hunting pups. Easy to teach and fun to play with, these dogs make super family pets.

#5 English Cocker Spaniel

A bit larger than the American Cocker Spaniel, the English is also silky and soft with a long, wavy coat that needs to be groomed often to prevent matting and shedding. This poochie has a stronger prey drive than their American cousin, and are stockier and more muscular. They also make fantastic furever furiends.

#6 Boykin Spaniel

This adorable spaniel was bred to hunt in the swamp grounds of South Carolina, and they are excellent swimmers, as well as field hunters. While they are furiendly and lovable pets, they need a lot of exercise to prevent boredom and relieve their excessive energy. Their long coat needs frequent grooming, and they love the attention.

#7 Welsh Springer Spaniel

This is one of the most affectionate spaniels, while also being one of the most intelligent and loyal. In fact, many people call these poochies their Velcro dogs because they stick to them so well. The Welshie is waterproof and weatherproof, and even has webbed feet to help them swim, so they are furfect water dogs.

#8 English Toy Spaniel

This is the smallest spaniel weighing in at about 10 pounds, so they make pawesome lap dogs. They come in four different colors and have a long and glossy coat with short legs and a small body. These cute canine kids are also lovable and cuddly, and enjoy playing with children and other pets.

#9 Clumber Spaniel

This is one of the oldest and stockiest spaniels, and is thought to be a combination of the Basset Hound and Saint Bernard. They slobber and shed, but they make up for this by being adorable and intelligent, as well as gentle and loving. The Clumber also makes a great hunter, tracker, and scent dog.

#10 Field Spaniel

Their name says it best as this medium-sized doggo is a field hunter and enjoys tracking, flushing, and retrieving prey, no matter what it is. Their silky soft, medium-length coat is wavy and comes in either black, brown, or blue. They love kids and other dogs, but may mistake smaller pets for prey. These pups make great furever friends.