Top Dog Beaches in New York, NY

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When you think of the bustling, metropolitan city of New York, your mind probably doesn’t quickly go to lakes and beaches. You and your canine companion still need to find ways to beat the heat during the dog days of summer. New York City puts high priority on having green spaces to escape to, so that apartment dwellers and their doggos can get outside and reconnect with nature. Along with these parks are several beaches that welcome dogs! Most New York beaches welcome puppers during the off season, and some allow dogs all year long. Here are some of the top dog friendly beaches in NYC.

#1 Prospect Park Dog Beach

Prospect Park Dog Beach is a place where pups can splash and play leash-free anytime of day. The beach is located in a hidden alcove in Park Slope, not far from the Long Meadow Ballfields. This small beach features flat rocks to jump off of, and a fence to section the beach from the rest of the pond. This prevents your pooch from swimming too far out in the water.

#2 Louis Valentino Junior Park Beach

At Louis Valentino Junior Park, in the neighborhood of Red Hook, you can find a cool treat for your best pal! Just below the pier is a small sandy beach that is used as a kayak launch point. Doggos are welcome to make full use of this beach as well! The waves can be big at this beach, but once you make it past them, you’ll reach a seemingly endless expanse of cool water.

#3 Francis Lewis Park Beach

This dog beach is located on the Queens side of the Frances Lewis Park, near the Bronx-Whitestone Bridge. The small strip of beach at the foot of the bridge is a calm place for doggos to take a dip or chase a stick in off-leash freedom. There is a natural enclosure that will prevent your curious canine from venturing too far out into the East River.
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#4 Rockaway Beach

Rockaway Beach is a long stretch of sand, greenery, and play space along Jamaica Bay. This is the city's only legal surfing beach, and even the Ramones wanted to "hitch a ride to Rockaway Beach"! Leashed pooches are welcome to enjoy this space with their humans during the off-season, from Labor Day until the Memorial Day weekend. Your doggo will love taking a walk or jog with you along the iconic boardwalk.

#5 Manhattan Beach

Manhattan Beach is located on Brooklyn's southern tip, where city dwellers like to relax and enjoy some fresh air near the water. Pups are allowed to enjoy their morning strolls on the very pawpular boardwalk from 7 a.m. to 10 a.m. They can frolic in the sand as well during the off-season, between October 1st and May 1st. Just remember to keep your furry pal leashed and picked up after at all times!