Top Dog Beaches near Portland, OR

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Portland, Oregon is famous for its beautiful forest parks, its delicious restaurants, and its quirky shops that welcome dogs. If your dog enjoys swimming or playing in the sand, Portland also has tons of great beaches where you can take your pup! These beaches are located on the rivers in and around Portland, and they welcome dogs both on and off-leash. Throughout the Portland Metropolitan Area, you’ll find tons of fun spots to take your water-loving dog. If you and your pup are looking for a furrific place to cool down on a hot day, check out these top beaches.

#5 Mary S. Young State Recreation Area

Mary S. Young State Recreation Area is a beautiful 128-acre park in West Linn. This park features five miles of trails and a huge off-leash area that includes a beach on the Willamette River. You and your pup can go for swims in the river, and lounge on the sand or play a game of catch together. Bring some water and doggy bags with you, and enjoy this fun-filled beach!

#4 Broughton Beach

Broughton Beach is a picturesque beach on the Columbia River that allows dogs on-leash. While you’re here, you and your dog can go for walks on the sand together and enjoy the views of Mount Hood and the forest surrounding Portland. Your pup can also splash around on the shoreline. After you’re finished walking and playing, you and your pup can relax on the sand and enjoy a scenic picnic together.

#3 Walton Beach

Located on Sauvie Island, Walton Beach is another pawesome beach that allows dogs on-leash. This beach is right on the Columbia River, and it’s home to lovely dunes and a big open beach that’s perfect for long walks with your dog. You’re also welcome to bring a picnic. If you’d like to go out on the water with your pup, dogs are also allowed at the nearby Sauvie Island Boat Launch.

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#2 Sandy River Delta Park Beach

Sandy River Delta—or, as it’s known by locals, “Thousand Acres Park”—is an amazing park with a huge off-leash area! This fun-filled park in nearby Troutdale has an off-leash beach that’s very pawpular with locals. This sandy beach on the Columbia River is accessible from many of the park’s trails, and has lots of space for dogs to swim. If you need to clean up after your pup, doggy bags are available in the park.

#1 Sellwood Riverfront Park

Sellwood Riverfront Park is a great place to take your pup for some off-leash time in Portland! This park is home to a 1.5-acre off-leash area right on the Willamette River. Your pups can go for swims in the river, and you can also play games of catch or Frisbee with them on the shoreline. Be sure to bring some doggy bags and water with you, and have fun playing with your pup here!