Top 10 Dog Breeds that Love to Play Soccer

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If you enjoy playing soccer and you have a canine companion, you may want to play soccer with your furry furiend. While most dogs will chase any kind of ball, some breeds are more inclined to be better soccer stars than others. Size and agility definitely help a pup navigate a soccer ball, but the right energy and attitude go a long way too. Some breeds just excel at sports, and make pawrfect teammates, or rivals! If you are looking for your own Buddy from the Disney film “Air Bud: World Pup,” here’s our top 10 dogs that love to play soccer!

#1 Labrador Retriever

Being the number one doggo in the country is hard work, but this poochie is used to it because the Lab has been the top dawg for many years in a row. And not only are they  loyal, smart, and furiendly, they also play a mean game of soccer, so this is our furst choice.

#2 Golden Retriever

The Golden is the breed of dog that plays Buddy in the Disney "Air Bud" movies, so you can see that these pooches are good at this sport. These golden beauties are pawesome furever furiends for any family and love attention. They're also good at anything they do, except for being a guard dog. They are way too nice for that job.

#3 Golden Labrador

Mixing the two top dawgs in the soccer-loving club will give you an awesome soccer star with a pawsitively furfect fursonality. The Golden Lab is also super smart, furiendly, lovable, and can be trained to learn just about anything you want to teach them to do.
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#4 Shetland Sheepdog

The Sheltie looks like a miniature version of Lassie the Collie, probably because they have Collie in their bloodline. Besides loving soccer, they also have furrific herding instincts and can excel at flyball, agility training. They also make cuddly and lovable pets too, but they may try to herd small animals and children.

#5 Golden Sheltie

The Golden Sheltie is a designer breed made from mixing a Golden Retriever with a Shetland Sheepdog, which creates a sweet and snuggly furbaby with a desire to herd, as well as play, learn tricks, and even protect if they have enough Sheltie genes. Toss a ball into the yard and start kicking it around and see if your Golden Sheltie will play along.

#6 English Springer Spaniel

This hunting dawg is typically used to hunt, flush, and retrieve birds such as woodcocks, but they also love chasing balls. The English Springer Spaniel is a medium-sized pooch with a great fursonality and makes a wonderful lifelong furiend for any family. They are extra clever and can learn to do whatever you can think up.

#7 Spangold Retriever

The Spangold is a furfect hunting and retrieving pooch because it has both Labrador Retriever and English Springer Spaniel DNA. If you are looking for an intelligent soccer partner with the patience and playfulness of a kid, energy for days, and gentleness to boot, the Spangold Retriever may be exactly the doggo you have been looking for.

#8 West Highland White Terrier

This little white pupster may be barely bigger than the soccer ball, but they can keep up with the big dawgs and have that athleticism that gives them a boost. They are also bred to hunt and track, so they like to chase things and a soccer ball can be a pawesome substitute for prey.

#9 Shelestie

The Shelestie is a combo of the West Highland White Terrier and Shetland Sheepdog, which gives you a pawsitively perky little pooch with hunting and herding breeding. Since they enjoy herding, they will love chasing a soccer ball around the yard with you and whoever else is around. They also make excellent family companions and lovable pets.

#10 Papillon

The Papillon is the smallest pooch on this list, but they can still hold their own in a soccer game with the best of them. These little long-haired Spaniels have an abundance of agility and love to play whatever you are playing. They are also great with kids and other poochies as well, so they make pawesome pets too.