Top 10 Dog Breeds with Curly Tails

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Let’s face it, dogs with curly tails are just pawfectly adorable. No matter whether it is a big Akita or a tiny Pomeranian, furry like a Chow Chow or short-coated like a Pug, the curly-Q tail just makes them so much cuter. However, did you know that a dog’s tail is an extension of their spine? Our spine stops at our tailbone, but a dog’s tail is just the rest of their spine covered with fur. While in some dogs, the curly tail can be a sign of illness, most curly tails have been bred that way to make them distinct. Here are the top 10 breeds with curly tails.

#1 Pug

The Pug is number one, not just because their tail is so cute and curly, but also because of their super funny fursonality, lovable cuddliness, and amazingly human-like expressions. Their huge eyes and wrinkled face make them even more adorable, and having a coat that is easy to care for is also a plus.

#2 Chow Chow

Their squished face, lion-like mane, and blue-black tongue make this poochie stand out from the rest, but their curly-Q tail is an adorable trait they are known for. The Chow Chow is a pawsitively wonderful watchdog and guardian, as well as a lovable and cuddly pet, so they are everything you need in a furever friend.

#3 Keeshond

With their lion-like mane and fox-like expression, it is their curly tail that sets them apart from their wilder relatives. These gorgeous fluffy pups love kids and other pets and will play with them for hours while still being alert enough to be an excellent watchdog. Their energy and exuberance are second to none, and their loyalty can't be beat.
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#4 Akita

The Akita was once bred to be a fighting dog, but now they are just big teddy bears with a curly-Q tail and a double thick coat. They’re lovable and loyal, clean and quiet, and they love to roll around in the snow. These doggos just love to be loved and will happily be your new best furiend.

#5 Norwegian Elkhound

This Norwegian pup was bred for cold climates and tough terrain, and was a dog of all trades. They hunted, herded and protected livestock, as well as kept on eye on their family. With a distinctive thick coat and that cute curly tail, the Elkhound is brave and loyal, and playful too!

#6 Pomeranian

This tiny tot is a bundle of energy with a tail that curls up over its back, if you can find it under all that fur. Although they used to be working dogs when they were first bred, they are now great lap dogs and love to be cuddled and coddled.

#7 Shiba Inu

This pooch was bred to be a hunter in Japan’s mountainous areas, and is well-known for its alertness and loyalty. They are one of the oldest Japanese breeds and have been around since ancient times with the heart of a lion, coat of a bear, and the tail of a curly-Q. They’re pawesome family pets and watchdogs too.

#8 Alaskan Malamute

The largest of the Arctic sled dogs, Malamutes once spent their time hunting bears. They are even happier playing with the kids for hours on end, and are super affectionate too. Strong and brave, these pups are very smart and are easily trained. With a double coat that covers that curly tail, they thrive in colder climates.

#9 Basenji

The Basenji originated in Africa and became pawpular with the Pharaohs in Egypt as a sign of honor and respect. They are pawesome hunters and excellent companion pets as well. Their wrinkled forehead gives them a human look, and they are catlike when it comes to cleaning themselves. Since they don’t bark, you may have to remind yourself that this is indeed a dog.

#10 Samoyed

This Russian furball is known for its gentle and intelligent fursonality, and they love being the center of attention. These Sammies always look like they are smiling, and although they are bred to hunt, they love other pets and children. Their curly tail is coated in long fur and curves up over their back like a curly-Q.