Top 8 Dog Breeds with Double Coats

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Dog fur coats come in all sorts of colors and textures. The hue can be anywhere from bright white all the way to the deepest black. Some have spots, others have stripes. Some pups have tight curls while some have long flowing locks. And some have double coats rather than single coats. Having a double coat doesn’t mean they like to wear two jackets. Double coated doggos have two layers of fur. The undercoat is dense and wooly, while the top coat is made up of longer hairs. Read on to learn more about the top breeds that have double coats.  

#1 Akita

Strong, independent, and certainly fluffy, this double coated beauty has a pedigree that reaches clear back to Imperial Japan. Akitas are loyal to a fault and will always guard their families, whether they have two legs or four. They can be stubborn, so training at an early age is required. Also, expect your house to be covered in dog fur twice a year when they shed their double coats. 

#2 Alaskan Husky

It’s a good thing this breed has a warm double coat since they are often found pulling sleds in frigid temperatures. These dogs are known for their happy disposition, playful temperaments, and keen minds. There are two things Alaskan Huskies need each day- exercise and mental stimulation. Without these, they tend to go stir crazy. So be prepared to exercise them every day. 

#3 Shiba Inu

Another pup with a Japanese heritage, the Shiba Inu looks like a smaller less fluffy version of the Akita. Since these pups are smart, they are easy to train. However, they do have a bit of a stubborn streak, so you need to let them know who is boss. They are super friendly and get along with kids and other pets. This doggo is an absolute delight!

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#4 Australian Shepherd

As one of the premier herding breeds, Aussies love a challenge. Their double coats can come in pawsome tri-colored patterns, solid hues, or furrific merle markings. Make no mistake, these pupsters thrive on action. They need plenty of daily exercise and mental stimulation. If you plan on adding one to your pack, make sure they will have more than enough room to run. 

#5 Bernese Mountain Dog

These gorgeous pups have a pawsome tri-colored coat that requires regular upkeep. It’s long and prone to shedding, so invest in a good brush. Their sweet faces and mellow dispositions will warm your heart and brighten up your home. While they are great with children, Berners do have guardian instincts. Continual socialization and training helps them remember their manners around other doggos and strangers. 

#6 Old English Sheepdog

This is one of the shaggiest breeds you can come across. The Sheepdog’s extra fluffy gray and white coat is one of their trademarks. Since it is both a double coat and long, their fur needs some added TLC. Ideally, these pups will be brushed a few times a week. Plus you’ll want to keep their eyebrows trimmed so you can see their adorable teddy bear eyes. 

#7 Newfoundland

When you think of a Newfie, words like sweet, loyal, docile, and mellow come to mind. They may be big, but these doggos are gentle to the core. They are also hairy and require regular brushing so their thick coat doesn’t become matted. It’s true that these pups require a little extra grooming, but one look at their face and you’ll know it’s totally worth it. 

#8 Pomeranian

One look at this pint sized furball and you’ll be in love! They may be small, but Poms are confident and know just what they want- and that’s love and affection! These pupsters love their people and have a happy personality. And since they are small, they are easy to tote around. Regular brushing is needed to keep the coat fluffy and free of tangles.