Top 10 Dog Breeds with the Biggest Ears

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Why are your dog's ears so big? All the better to hear you with. A doggo with giant ears can melt anyone's heart, whether the ears stand up straight or flop down to the side. Who doesn't love to see a puppy while they're in that adorable in-between phase, with one ear up and one down? If you're in search of a canine companion with a lovable face and giant ears, please keep in mind that big ears, especially the long and floppy, can be prone to infections. You'll need to clean them regularly and check for sensitivities. Here is a list of some of the top dog breeds with the biggest ears!

#1 Bloodhound

Many dogs with long ears fall into the "hound" group, and Bloodhounds are often thought of as the original hound dog. Their long droopy ears and deeply sunk eyes are sure to win your heart over. These impressive, powerful dogs are also known for their keen sense of smell. They tend to have a friendly, inquisitive personality.

#2 Coonhound

Coonhounds have long, velvety ears, expressive eyes, and a sweet demeanor. In fact, their ears are so long that they can reach the tip of their nose. Coonhounds are often neck and neck with Bloodhounds for holding the world record for longest ears. These athletic hunters make bright, brave, and easy going companions.

#3 Basset Hound

Basset Hounds are one of the most well-known dogs for their ears that hang low, and wobble too and fro. Their long bodies and short legs especially draw attention to this, and many a cartoon has depicted Basset Hounds tripping over their ears. These pals can be a bit stubborn, but have a lovely temperament.
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#4 Italian Spinone

Italian Spinones are large dogs with big hearts and thick wiry coats. They have long floppy ears that suite their scruffy look just pawfectly. These dogs were originally bred to be versatile gun dogs, and are therefore muscular and powerful. Their loyalty and happy demeanor also make them excellent family pets.

#5 Doberman Pinscher

Dobermans are typically most recognizable when their ears have been cropped to stand up straight and tall, like antennas pointing to the sky. Dobermans naturally have ears that fold over, and so the topic of cropping their ears is controversial. That being said, cropped ears are less likely to develop infections and hematoma.

#6 Weimaraner

Weimaraners are another breed known for their long, velvety soft ears. A thing of beauty, they have a very distinctive silver-gray coat. They're even nicknamed Germany's "Gray Ghost". These guys have tons of character and can be a challenge to train, but with the right training, can make obedient and loyal pets.

#7 Afghan Hound

Afghan Hounds have long, silky, pendant ears that give the appearance of a full head of hair. Their fur is almost human-like and tangles easily, so they need to be brushed regularly. They are also prone to ear infections, so sure to keep their ears clean and dry, and watch for any signs of discomfort. These dogs are extraordinarily elegant creatures and great pals.

#8 Irish Setter

Irish Setters have long heads, long necks, and long droopy ears to match. Their deep chestnut red colored fur is a thing of beauty, with feathering along their chest, legs, tail and ears. They are high energy, playful, and make great running companions. Their ears will be flapping in the wind as they run alongside you!

#9 Corgi

Corgis may be short, but they have a big dog bark and big dog ears! They have what are called "bat ears" that stand upright and are large in proportion to their heads. These burly little guys were built for a hard days work, but also love being around their humans.

#10 Cocker Spaniel

Cocker Spaniels have big, dreamy eyes and long, lush ears that demand to be touched. There's a reason why these energetic, loving companions spent years as America's favorite breed! These doggos are sturdy, yet portable, and can easily be the prettiest dog on the block. Their ears tend to get dirty quickly and need regular cleaning.