Top 10 Best Outdoor Dog Breeds

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Dogs have been our best friends for as long as we can remember, but some dog breeds are better suited for outdoor adventure. If you live in Alaska and have a hairless dog, they should probably not be an outside dog, just as you should not leave a Husky with a double fur coat outside all day in the desert. Some dogs prefer to be lapdogs, but outdoor doggos need to explore and have lots of energy to spare. Here are the top 10 outdoor dog breeds to help you decide which outside pup would best suit your lifestyle.

#1 Australian Shepherd

Bred to be outdoors all the time, these pooches would much rather be outside than indoors. They were originally bred to be a herding dog and are also excellent at tracking, agility, hunting, flyball, and anything else you want to do outside. Intelligent, athletic, and energetic, these pawesome pups will keep themselves busy all day.

#2 Siberian Husky

The Siberian Husky was bred for cold weather and hard work with a thick double coat and muscular physique. They were typically used in Russia to pull sleds through the snow, and while people still use them for sledding, they are often kept as hunting dogs or just hiking buddies.

#3 Labrador Retriever

The Lab is friendly, intelligent, easy to train, love to swim, and can hike with the best of them due to their endless energy and endurance. You will not find a better furst mate for boating and fishing, as well as many other outdoor activities like hunting and even herding.
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#4 German Shepherd

Though known for protection and police work, the German Shepherd was bred to herd livestock, so is no stranger to the outdoors. With lots of energy, this is a pup ready for adventure! They have a thick undercoat of fur, and can follow you through changing climates and any terrain!

#5 Golden Retriever

The Golden Retriever is the second most favorite dog in the United States, and loves to go anywhere you go and do whatever you are doing. Whether you are fishing, swimming, hiking, or boating, the Golden will join you and listen like the best-behaved child. And they’re pawsitively adorable too.

#6 Vizsla

These super active bird hunters are the pawfect furry companions for any outdoor adventure. In fact, these dogs need to run and explore in the woods and fields to use up all their energy. And they love swimming too! While they enjoy being outside, they have thin coats, so bring a blanket along in cold weather.

#7 Australian Cattle Dog

The Australian Cattle Dog was bred to herd cattle, and they have been doing it for centuries. Not only that, they love to hunt and have the physical ability to follow you anywhere you can go whether it is in a boat, into the woods, or hiking in the desert.

#8 Bernese Mountain Dog

Another cattle dog, this is a big one and loves to be outdoors doing anything you want to do. In fact, they will even follow you up a mountain if you are into that. They do need some training and grooming, but they are hard-working and sweet natured dogs with high intelligence.

#9 Border Collie

This highly active pooch will keep you busy and can keep up with whatever you choose to do. They are great at herding and seem to be fearless, so they make a fantastic watchdog too. With some training, these canine kids are great hiking and hunting partners, and can be trained to go in a boat too.

#10 Portuguese Water Dog

Being the smallest dog on this list won't stop this water loving pup! If you love boating, fishing and swimming, this is the dog for you! Bred around 700 B.C., the Portuguese Water Dog helped fisherman with their catch, and still loves to swim and splash today. This doggo is also very playful and is pawfect for families.