Top 10 Mixed Dog Breeds for an Active Lifestyle

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Purebred or crossbreed? The debate has raged on for years. A purebred dog may have more predictable characteristic, whereas your crossbreed puppy could grow up to an unexpected size, and have an unexpected temperament. That being said, crossbreeds are known to be healthier, and live longer lives. This is because pedigree dogs are more susceptible to genetic diseases and inbreeding than crossbreeds. Crossbreeding can result in adorable puppies with the best characteristics of both breeds. Whatever your reason for opting for a lovable mongrel, you’re going to want one that can keep up with your active lifestyle! Whether that’s deep in the wilderness, or on your neighborhood streets. Here are ten crossbreeds that can hack an active lifestyle, and look pretty adorable doing it!


With a dog that basically looks like a wolf, you better believe he’ll enjoy the outdoors. The Utonagan is a mix between an Alaskan Malamute, Siberian Husky, and German Shepherd, originally known as the Northern Inuit Dog. They are even-tempered, but need plenty of mental and physical stimulation. The Utonagan is a pawfect pal for cold weather camping and snowy adventures!


The Aussiedor is an Australian Shepherd mixed with a Labrador. This pup is more than just good looks! Since they are a medium sized dog they’re ideal for travel, and they have the stamina to go all day long on the trails. They tend to be whip smart and agile, so start training them young!


The Schnoodle is a Schnauzer and Poodle mix that is so cute you may be surprised to see them on this list. They tend to have the high energy of a Poodle, combined with the sturdiness of a Schnauzer. They are fun-loving, loyal and eager to please. These qualities make them a great jogging partner, and they’re always down for some catch!

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If you mix a Border Collie and Husky, what you get is a furry ball of boundless energy. The Borsky is for highly active families only, and may require some effort to tame. Collies are known for their stamina, intelligence, agility, and herding instincts, while Huskies were built to work hard. This pup is sure to give you motivation to get outside and move.


The Pitsky is a Pitbull crossed with a Husky, and together they spell out tough. They are large, strong, energetic, and protective. They need plenty of exercise and training to thrive. Under those circumstances, they make a pal that you’ll want by your side in the wilderness. They do well in warmer climates, and are even willing to help carry your load!

German Sherpie

The German Sherpie, a mix between a German Shepherd and a Shar-pei, is one of the tallest mixed breeds around. They have long legs and typically a short coat. They are one of the most stunning breeds around, and with their long legs they won’t have any issues keeping up on your morning run!


When you cross a German Shepherd and a Collie, you get a Shollie, a dog that’s ready for adventure. They are smart, active, and highly trainable. They really shine when they have a job to do and lots of exercise. Don’t be surprised if your Shollie makes it to the summit before you do!


The Goberian is a pawpular hybrid that is a mix between a Golden Retriever and Siberian Husky. They are their happiest outside with their humans, but can have a tendency towards being independant and roaming. Aside from being adorable, this breed is known for its intelligence, loyalty and sociability that they inherit from both sides of the family tree.


The Beagleman is a combination between a Beagle and a Doberman Pinscher. They are medium sized dogs, that tend to inherit the big beautiful beagle eyes. On the Dobe side, they a fiercely loyal working dogs with muscular bodies. They’re also quick to learn tricks, and eager to join you on your outdoor activities.


The Bullboxer is a combination of two very powerful dogs, the Pitbull and the Boxer. Both of these dogs were developed as working breeds, and therefore need plenty of mental and physical stimulation to thrive, otherwise they may become destructive. They make a great running partner, and when you get home you’ll both be calm and relaxed!