Top 10 Dog Names in New York, NY

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New York City is well-known as the city that never sleeps, but it's also included on many top ten lists of the most dog-friendly cities, too! The City has almost 2 dog parks per 100,000 residents. With a population of almost 9 million people, that calculates to around 180 green spaces for leash-free dog frolicking! Add to that about 140 dog-friendly restaurants, and you've found doggy-nirvana! 

Dog-walking is a major portion of any urban dweller's life, and New Yorkers are no exception. Because of The City's logically laid out street grid, pedestrian-friendly traffic signals, and many parks like the pawsome Central Park, its walkability score is way up there! New York's parks are inhabited by all manner of citified wildlife to pique Fido's curiosity and hone his stalking skills, while not ruffling the feathers of the many pigeons or squirrels he tracks.  

Street vendors and store owners love dogs, too, offering treats to wagging pups as they pass, and don't even talk about butcher shops and fish markets! Many call New York a dog-eat-dog town, but it's more like "dog-eat-bagel!" 

So what do denizens of The City name their furry besties? As cherished members of the family it's not surprising that human names top the list.

#1 Max

For many, living in NYC is living to the max, and this popular male dog moniker personifies that image. Many a Max loves to play and chase things, and New York abounds with places to do just that!

#2 Bella

Bella is one of the most popular doggy names in America, and NYC is no exception. The name means "beautiful" in Italian, and reminds us of the beauty of New York's architecture, parks and sunsets over the Hudson.

#3 Luna

Luna in Latin means "the moon," and may be best suited to constant quiet and peaceful dogs. Your lovely lady may take many calm walks down this city's busy streets and serene parks.

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#4 Charlie

Charlie's a pawrfect name for that best buddy, constant companion, tavern wingman and ball-chaser pup! Meaning "free," the name lets everyone know this boy probably loves off-leash NYC dog parks and beaches best!

#5 Cooper

Originally an occupational last name that means "barrel maker," Cooper has become a prefurred first name among doggos in the Big Apple. Unclip your energetic pup's leash and let him barrel through the city's many off-leash dog parks!

#6 Lola

Whatever Lola wants, Lola gets, and that's more than true in New York! This uptown girl charms her way into meals shared with her human, or a manicure or a new ribbon in her hair from an NYC dog salon.

#7 Lucy

If your furry girl is the bringer of light, celebrate her pawsome good heart with this moniker. These girls pup-sonify the city that never sleeps, and need not refrain from wanting walkies in the middle of the night because the lights are always on. 

#8 Rocky

Rocky is often associated with Philadelphia, but there are plenty of them in NYC too. Whether due to a stoic nature or immoveable stubbornness, it's a pawsome handle for a NY pup!

#9 Molly

Before it gained pawpularity as an independent given name, Molly was a diminutive of Mary. It means "bitter," but there's no time to feel sour when there are so many furrific dog parks to check out in NYC!

#10 Daisy

Fresh and energetic, Daisy is an ideal moniker for female pups who embody these qualities. Your furry BFF would be proud to sport this cheerful name as you take a leashed stroll down 5th Avenue!