Top 10 Easy To Train Dog Breeds

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Puppies are adorable balls of cuteness that we all wish to own at least once in our lives, right? But if you're first time dog owner, then make sure to remember that those little fellas need training, and sometimes lots of it. If that puts you off from getting another dog, we understand. Luckily, there are certain dogs breeds which are highly trainable. In fact, many dog breeds are extremely intelligent, so training comes as a breeze. But how can you be sure which one will be the easiest to train? Check out this concise list of the top 10 easy to train dog breeds!

Labrador Retriever

The Labrador Retriever is at the tippy-top of the list when it comes to high trainability! Why? Due to their intense desire to please us, these pups are innately obedient and will do their absolute best to follow your command to a T (as long as there are treats involved!).

Golden Retriever

Another Retriever whose aim is to satisfy, the Golden Retriever is super easy to train. Accidents may happen, but this trustworthy dog breed won't disappoint you twice. Rewarding Goldens goes a long way; with positive reinforcement (lots of treats and cuddles), there is virtually nothing you won't be able to train your Golden to do.


All types of the Collie dog breed are highly intelligent which makes them super easy to train, especially for first-time doggie owners. Collies love to learn and love to show it off. Their intelligence doesn't outweigh their ability to love and charm, however, so don't hesitate to put your foot down a little if ever they become too cute to train.
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German Shepherd

The German Shepherd holds the pawtastic title for being one of the most trainable dogs in the world, making this canine an ideal companion if you want to spend more time playing with your pup than training it. German Shepherds have a knack for learning quickly, but having a well-trained German Shepherd will require lots of patience and skill on your end, too.


Poodles are easy dogs to train thanks to their instinct and purely-stubborn wit. While many people overlook them because of their reputation as fashionistas or show dogs, Poodles are in fact very intelligent and wish to learn new tricks just as much as you wish to teach them. Your Poodle might even outsmart you.

Australian Shepherd

Australian Shepherds are as intelligent as they are beautiful, making them not only a highly trainable dog breed, but an extremely adorable one, too! Aussies require lots of attention, as they always want to be tackling new tasks or learning new tricks. You'll be surprised as just how quickly an Aussie can learn!

Doberman Pinscher

Looking for a dog whose innately alert, intelligent, and obedient? Well, you're in luck! The Doberman Pinscher exemplifies all three traits, making them a great breed who trains easily and quickly. They do require much more attention compared to some breeds. If not trained properly with kindness and respect, Dobermans can turn destructive.


Papillons are funny, spunky dogs who are bright-minded and active. They will love to learn new tricks as long as you love to teach them! Since they yearn for exercise and playtime, it's important to stay committed when training them. Otherwise, Papillons, if not trained properly, can become quite the yappy pup.

Mini Schnauzer

This hypoallergenic dog breed is a most-loved pup! Their active spirit and intelligence comes naturally, making them not only easy to love, but also easy to train. They are one of the more fearless and obedient types of dogs, so don't hesitate to get out the playbook to try and teach this doggo a few new tricks!

Shetland Sheepdog

Shetland Sheepdogs are definitely the eager-to-please type of dog. Similar, yet smaller to their Collie look-alikes, the Shetland Sheepdog remains an active and intelligent dog breed. Thanks to their playful spirit and intelligence, they are super easy to train. Shelties are even known to obey a command 95% of the time on the first try!