Top 15 Most Loyal Dog Breeds

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Everyone seems to have their own individual traits that they are looking for in a dog, but one of the most popular things that we look for is loyalty. Everyone wants their pooch to love them more than anyone else, and to have a canine kid who will do anything for you is a great feeling, especially if you have a big dog that you want to protect you. So, how do you know whether the dog you choose is going to love you to the moon and back? You could try hanging out with the pup for a while before choosing the one you want, or you could just choose one from the top 15 loyal dogs listed here.

Rough Collie

Better known as Lassie, the Rough Collie is a herding breed who loves their humans more than anything else. They will do whatever you ask, including giving you unconditional love, and they are smart enough to learn whatevfur you want them to. You cannot go wrong with a dog that has a long history of protecting their owners.

German Shepherd

The German Shepherd is so loyal that they are often used for military and police dogs. They have a high activity level along with a high desire to please. These furfect fur babies bond quickly with their owners and the family, and they can remember your face after one meeting, proving they will never forget you.


This hunting hound is commonly used by Homeland Security personnel to sniff out danger with their pawsitively amazing sense of smell and loyal personality. The Beagle will follow you around and have the sensitivity to know when you are feeling sad or lonely, and they will cheer you up with their playfulness.
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This huge Hungarian breed is not just big and lovable, but they are smart too. They make excellent guard dogs because of their size and loyalty, and they also make amazing family pets who will snuggle with you whenever you want. The Kuvasz has a great sense of humor as well and will keep you smiling.

Labrador Retriever

This breed has been the number one most popular breed in the United States for many years, and it is known for its gentleness, loyalty, intelligence, energy, and pawesome temperament. These poochies also love children and other pets. Also, the Labrador Retriever has often been used as a therapy dog because of their empathy.

Brittany Spaniel

The Brittany Spaniel was originally bred to be a hunting dog in France in the 1800s, but they quickly became popular for their loving personality and sweet nature. They are also very easy to train, love to please their humans and will hang out with you all day at home without complaint.


Bred in Germany as a hunter of large game, the Boxer made a name for itself in the sport. However, it was soon found that the Boxer also makes an excellent, faithful furever family friend because they are so loyal and affectionate to all. As a watchdog, they are top notch as they will guard you against anyone.


Another dog that was bred to hunt, the long-bodied short-legged cutie was quickly found to be a very protective family pet. In fact, you will have to introduce your friends, so your Dachshund does not try to chase them away. They love to play, but take their family guarding task seriously.

Golden Retriever

The third most popular dog in America for several years running, this fur baby is known for its family-oriented values and cuddliness. Extremely intelligent and quick to learn, these dogs are typically work as service dogs or therapy dogs, and are often used for designer dog breeding because of their fur-iendliness.


The Akita has been known to become fiercely loyal to one owner and attaches themselves to the main caregiver in the family no matter who they are supposed to “belong to.” Easy to care for, simple to train, and lovable, these big fur balls are furfect for families of any size. 

Great Pyrenees

As a herding dog, the Great Pyrenees has it in their blood to protect the flockm as well as the whole family. Their loyalty to you and the rest of the family make them a great pet, and their size makes them the furfect guard dog to deter anyone or anything.

Shetland Sheepdog

Another herder, this lovable and fur-iendly Shetland Sheepdog is an energetic and protective pet who is able to sense danger or fear. They are just as happy inside sitting on your lap as they are outside herding sheep, but they will always go the extra distance to be with you.

Yorkshire Terrier

The tiny Yorkshire Terrier is a lap dog that is often seen being carried around in purses or backpacks because they are so small and cute. However, they are also excellent hunting dogs and will make sure your home is free of rats and other vermin. Their silky coat is hypoallergenic, so they are easy on the allergies as well.

Saint Bernard

This big furiendly pooch was used as a rescue dog in the Swiss Alps to find those trapped by avalanches. In fact, they would work in pairs, and when they found a victim, one would stay to keep them warm while the other went for help. Now, that is some pawesome loyalty. 

American Staffordshire Terrier

This breed originally came from England and had had their name changed several times. They are still one of the bravest, loyal, and attentive dogs who will literally protect you from any danger no matter what. They are smart and easy to train as well, so they make great family pets.