Top 10 Service Dog Breeds

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If looking for a furry companion to help you with tasks due to a disability, several kinds of trained dogs are just right for the job! Also called medical service dogs, medical response dogs, medical alert dogs, guide dogs or hearing dogs, service dogs can come in all sizes and breeds. From leading the blind, to detecting moments of anxiousness from a PTSD sufferer, to alerting a diabetic to a low or high blood sugar level, service dogs can help their owner lead safer and more fulfilling lives. Check over these Top Service Dog Breeds to find a match for your pawticular needs!


The poodle is a perfect service dog for those needing assistance with food allergies or home care. Because there are three sizes of poodles, there is a pup perfect for your needs. This dog has the nose for sniffing out potentially dangerous foods for allergens, and will gladly pick up something you need or even open a door for you!

German Shepherd

Many German Shepherds have their paws full, working in the military and police departments, but for an individual with a sight impairment, this pup is the perfect choice. Dedicated and loving, this strong dog has the ability to lead you along any street safely, and their size is just perfect for assisting with keeping you stable on your feet.


Do you have a disability that needs the assistance of a small dog? The Pomeranian is a great choice to help diabetics or asthma sufferers as their medic alert skills are top notch! Or if you just need assistance with hearing when the someone’s at the door or on the phone, this cute, fuzzy little pup will have no trouble handling the job!

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Golden Retriever

This calm and strong pup is often used as a therapy dog, and can be a great assistant with autistic children. Their size can help provide stability for those with balance challenges, or even the blind. Seizure alert is on their list of can-do’s. This beautiful pup will always be there to help when needed, with a kind patience andlots of love.


This large and loyal pup is a perfect service dog for many needs. Search and rescue have always been on the Collie's list of top jobs, but they are also perfectly suited with talents to detect seizures. They are also ideal for those with anxiety and other psychiatric challenges. Their size, beauty and dedication all make this pup a great family dog and trusted helper.

Bernese Mountain Dog

This large breed dog can use their weight and stability to help those with balance challenges steady themselves and even stand strong if they need to pick themselves up after a fall. Their intelligence, coupled with training, allows them to make decisions when something might be wrong, open a door, or alert someone to trouble. This very patient breed will steal your heart.

Belgian Malinois

The military has used this dog for years as a police assistant, and with good reason. They are strong, bold and very smart. If you need a security pup to watch for intruders or to keep an eye out for trouble, this medium size dog is a great choice. Although very protective, this pawtastic pup is a great choice for a family pet.


This white, fluffy dog is too cute to work, right? Not a chance. Give them a job and they can handle it. This medium size pup can be a companion to those with seizure challenges and alert them before it happens. Being a service dog to their best human pal is a joy to them, and they will gladly take on the challenge. 

Border Collie

The Border Collie is known for its herding abilities and are used on farms to tend sheep. However, don’t overlook them as a service dog, particularly for search and rescue. They are hardy and can handle long hours of work outdoors in any climate. They are the best family pet as well, and can round up the children when needed.

Labrador Retriever

Is there anything this pup can’t do? The Labrador Retriever has the perfect size and temperament for many jobs, including a therapy dog to comfort individuals, a guide dog to help people with sight impairment, and a physical assistant for jobs around the house. This pup even puts his nose to work for the U.S. Customs Office! Whatever service you need, he can handle.