Top 10 Dog Breeds Who Need a Big Backyard

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It's a fact some fur buddies need just that little bit more of extra space than others. There are certain breeds of pups which are not comfortable unless they've got an acre of ground, or even more at their disposal to roam around in. They don't have to be large size doggos either, as some small breeds have such high energy levels, they need a big backyard to play in. Others like having a territory they can call their own. So what breeds of dog need a big backyard? Here are ten furrific canine breeds who really do need a plus-sized backyard.

Anatolian Shepherd

The Anatolian Shepherd loves wide open spaces. They don't do well cooped up in small yards or apartment. Herders by nature, they need to be on the move and checking the boundaries of their terrain or they become frustrated. This is one breed of canine who needs a big backyard.


The Boxer is one pawsome breed who loves being indoors with their pet parent, but needs a big backyard. They have endless energy when it comes to chasing balls, and the more outdoor space they have, the better. Boxers enjoy being active, and the bigger the backyard, the happier they are.


The Bullmastiff is a breed which, because of its size alone, needs a big backyard. These solid beauties can weigh up to one hundred and thirty pounds. That's a lot of puppy poundage! These pawsome doggos are docile giants who love to lounge and need the space to do it.
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German Shepherd

The German Shepherd is a puptastic breed who enjoys a big backyard. These furrific canine buddies like to be on the move, and policing a backyard by pacing up and down is one of their preferred pastimes. They are puptastic pups who don't like being cooped up in small spaces.

Irish Wolfhound

The Irish Wolfhound is a delightful breed of doggo with incredibly long legs. At over thirty inches tall, they can cross a room in one stride, so are much happier when they have got plenty of space to walk around in. Pawsome pups of their size need a large backyard!

Bull Terrier

Bull Terriers are a medium-sized breed with an excessive level of energy. If a Bully hasn't got enough room to run around, they can be mischievous and destructive. Bull Terriers love to be outdoors exploring, and a big backyard is just what they need to do it in.

Lancashire Heeler

The Lancashire Heeler is a breed of dog once used for cattle herding. They are small in stature, but these doggos are full of energy and need to be on the move. A big backyard where they've got space to run will put a unique Heeler smile on their face!

Russian Toy

The Russian Toy is a puptastically cute small breed of dog with feathery ears and pawsome personalities which never know when to stop. Believe it, these furrific little doggos are like a whirlwind on four legs! They will run rings around you unless they've a big backyard to play in.


The Vizsla is a breed of pup used for hunting, and they love to cover ground. The Vizsla is pawsomely athletic by nature, and they enjoy nothing better than running at full speed. These pups need a big backyard to make sure they've got room enough for a good daily workout.


The Pointer is a canine breed which is never happier than when they're outdoors. These furrifically energetic pups are used for hunting fowl, and prefer to be on the job rather than lounging around. They need a big backyard to sniff around in to help keep them occupied and happy.