Top 5 Dog Breeds That Love the Snow

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If you live somewhere chilly or enjoy going on outdoor winter adventures, then you’ll want a canine companion who’ll appreciate the cold as much as you do. Many dogs like playing in the snow, but there are some breeds that were especially built for freezing temperatures. 

Breeds that thrive in frosty environments were typically created to work in harsh climates, pulling loads, standing guard, herding livestock, or hunting prey. And they were able to do all of these thanks to their thick coats that protected them from the elements. 

Ready to welcome a cold-weather pup into your home? Here are five dog breeds that love the snow!  

If you already got a dog who loves the snow, share your pup pics with us on social media or in the comments section below.

#1 Siberian Husky

Developed for sled work in sub-zero temperatures, the Siberian Husky is the quintessential snow dog. Although these days, they’re more likely enjoying life as companion animals. Huskies get along well with people and other critters, making them a great addition to your pack. Just be ready to deal with a huge amount of fur when they blow their coat, which happens ruffly twice a year.

#2 Alaskan Malamute

The Husky’s burlier cousin, the Alaskan Malamute is the largest and oldest of the Arctic sled dogs. As their powerful build implies, the breed was originally created to haul heavy loads. Mals therefore need jobs to do, making them ideal partners for various activities such as hiking and swimming. Their thick, waterproof coat, which sheds heavily twice a year, requires daily brushing.

#3 Keeshond

The national dog of the Netherlands, the Keeshond is distinguishable by their unique facial markings that make them look like they’re wearing spectacles. They also sport an abundant double coat, which protected them from the cold when they were used as barge dogs in their native country. Intelligent and affectionate, Kees are happiest when spending time with their favorite people.
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#4 American Eskimo Dog

The American Eskimo Dog is a breed that grabs attention with their smiling face and profuse snow-white coat. They’re very smart and eager to please, making them one of the most trainable breeds. Though they love cold climates and playing in the snow, Eskies are indoor dogs who form strong bonds with their family.

#5 Great Pyrenees

Calm and mellow, the Great Pyrenees was bred to guard livestock on the snowy mountaintops of France, with their lush white coat helping them to stay warm and blend into their surroundings. Their coat is dirt- and tangle-resistant, so Pyrs don’t need too much grooming and are easy to care for. They’re also not highly active, and walks are enough to keep them happy and healthy.