Top 8 Sighthound Dog Breeds

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There’s no question that doggos have a superb sense of smell. Try opening a package of bread or cooking bacon without having your four legged friend show up in a matter of seconds. It’s nearly impawssible! When it comes to hunting or tracking, most breeds rely on this impeccable sense of smell. But not sighthounds. These pups use their sight, speed, and agility to track down prey. Their lean bodies are made for running. Sighthounds typically have long legs, flexible backs, and deep chests to support their large lung capacity. Read on to find out more about the top eight sighthound breeds.

#1 Afghan Hound

With their long flowing locks, this breed is easily recognizable. Like their name suggests, this breed comes from Afghanistan. Historically, they were used for hunting and helping nomadic tribes herd their flocks. Nowadays, these laid back doggos are pupular show dogs. As you can imagine, they require extensive brush sessions. But give them some affection and playtime, and these gentle giants won’t mind at all!

#2 Azawakh

This exotic breed hails from West Africa. One look at an Azawakh and you know they are built for speed. These doggos have legs for days. In fact, their height is greater than their length. They are very strong willed and often need to be reminded you are the pack leader. But with patience and training they are woofderful pets!

#3 Irish Wolfhound

Even though these dogs tower over most two legged children, they are actually just gentle giants. Don’t be intimidated by the fact that they are the tallest dog breed. These pups aim to please and are pawsome with kids, other pets, and visitors. While you may be tempted to saddle them up for a ride, a walk around the neighborhood will be pawfect exercise to keep them fit.

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#4 Italian Greyhound

This tiny pup has a pedigree that dates back 4,000 years. Even though it was around during the time of ancient Egypt, this breed gets its name from its popularity in Renaissance Italy. Since these dogs usually top out around 10 pounds, they are ideal lap warmers. Typically reserved, they can be timid with strangers. But once you’ve earned their trust, they’ll be your loyal pal furever. 

#5 Greyhound

Famous for their speed, this breed is no stranger to racing and lure coursing. Long before their days on the race course, Greyhounds were used for hunting deer, rabbits, and fox. Those critters didn’t even stand a chance against these long legged beauties! Despite their unbelievable athletic prowess, these dogs are timid and docile. They are also incredibly smart and are easy to train. 

#6 Whippet

Big black eyes, bat ears, and a long snout? It must be a Whippet! These adorable pups are often mistaken for Greyhounds. Though similar in appearance, the Whipppet is a bit smaller. Even so, these pupsters can race with even the fastest of dogs. Whippets can run up to 35 miles per hour! That’s woofin’ fast! When they aren't racing, these doggos make pawsome pets.

#7 Saluki

This breed looks like a cross between an Afghan Hound and a Greyhound. Also known as “The Royal Dog of Egypt,” Salukis have a noble air about them. Though regal in appearance, these dogs know how to pick up the pace. With pawsome athletic abilities, they can hold their own when it comes to running.

#8 Basenji

If you haven’t heard of this breed, it’s time you are acquainted. With pointy ears and a sweet face, this breed is always in the mood for a chase. These doggos love to run. Good luck catching them if they happen to see a small animal! Basenjis can be head strong and stubborn, so they are best suited for those with an extra amount of patience.