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10 Christmas-inspired Dog Names for Your Holiday Puppy


Written by Emily Bayne

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Published: 12/11/2020, edited: 10/26/2022

Christmas is the "pawfect" time to add a new pet to your household. Picking a puppy is easy, but naming them is the hardest part, as any pet parent knows. Truth be told, you'll probably go through 87 names before you land on one that sticks. Luckily, we're here to help however we can! If you're looking for creative and practical dog names for your holiday puppy, you're in the right place.


Need a spirited name for a vivacious pooch? This reindeer-inspired name might just be it! Dasher is the "pawfect" gender-neutral name for any pup with ample energy.


Cocoa is a great name for a sweet and warm fluffer. Bonus points if they have silky brown fur.


Blitzen is another reindeer-inspired name, but it translates to "flickering light" in German. Blitzen is "pawfect" for pups that get the zoomies since they're there one minute and gone the next!


Twinkle is a "furrific" moniker for any puppy that lights up your life. This name is fitting for small breeds and long-haired dogs that demand attention with their sparkly eyes.


Cedar is one of those smells that can bring you back to specific places in time. This tree-inspired name will evoke Christmas cheer any time of the year. Cedar will suit any pup that always smells good, boy or girl.


Holly is a sweet name for a pretty yet strong-willed woofer. Holly is a beautiful red-berried shrub with tough pointy leaves. The plant's name originates from the word holegn, which literally means "to prick" from Old English.


What better holiday figure to name your pup after than the one and only Santa Paws? Claus is a great unisex name that originates from the word "enclosed". This is a good one for dogs that enjoy having their own space.


If your new pup makes your Christmas season merry and bright, why not give them a name that symbolizes it? Merry means "lighthearted" and is a great one for dogs with a free-spirited nature.


Cinnamon brooms, incense, candles, and deserts — Cinnamon screams Christmas, and so do light brown holiday puppers.


It's sure to be a white Christmas with a puppy named Snowflake — whether the forecast calls for it or not!

Honorable mention: Comet

If your dog flies out of sight with a flash, the name Comet might be a good one. The cool thing about this name is, even though it's a reindeer name, it isn't necessarily Christmas-y. Comet is a great name year-round!

We hope you see some names you like and that this list will make deciding on one that much easier. Tag us on Facebook to show us your holiday woofers! 

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