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3 Pages to Add to Your Pet's Scrapbook


Written by Adam Lee-Smith

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Published: 01/07/2022, edited: 01/07/2022

Scrapbooking is a fun and artsy way of preserving your favorite memories. Creating collages of your family and friends is a heartwarming activity — why not extend this fuzzy feeling to your fur-baby? 

Whether you have a photogenic feline or a gorgeous Goldendoodle, a Scoob-themed scrapbook is sure to elicit a few "awws". Looking for a new pet scrapbook layout or two? Here are 3 "pawsome" page ideas for your pet's scrapbook.

Fido's favorite things

Scroll through Pinterest, and you'll find dozens of inventive pet scrapbook layouts. One simple yet effective page idea is a collage of your pet's favorite things. 

Collect together pics of your pup visiting their favorite park, playing with their favorite toy, or chowing down on their favorite treats. Then put together a color-accented collage, complete with journal entries about your pet's favorite things! You could even theme it after "My Favorite Things" from The Sound of the Music.

Barking buddy bucket list

All pet parents know that their time with their fur-babies is short and they should make the most of it. Create a scrapbook bucket list of all the activities you'd love to do with your pet over their lifetime. 

Your pet's bucket list could consist of vacation ideas like road trips or state parks you'd love to visit. Or, you could collect a list of all the tricks you want your pet to master. Consider arranging your bucket list like a checklist so you can mark off each activity as you go and add pics of your adventures to boot!

Pet photoshoot showcase

The "ultimutt" pet scrapbook page is a photoshoot showcase. Photoshoots are great for showing off your pet, and you'll have tons of fun turning the pics into a funky collage. You can arrange your photoshoot for a special occasion like a birthday or plan a themed photoshoot just because. No fancy cameras or equipment required — your smartphone camera and a photo editing app are all you need!

When setting up for your shoot, be sure to dress your dog up in comfortable accessories. Some dogs don't like playing dress-up as much as others. You might also want to consider training your dog to sit still before your shoot, so you can snap the perfect pics. If you're having trouble, consider "pawchasing" a pooch selfie clip to make snapping pics simple.

Tips for beginner scrapbookers

  • Choose the "pawfect" scrapbook: Sometimes, the cover of your scrapbook can be just as important as the pages within. Pick a unique, themed scrapbook for your pet. Or, choose one with a blank cover and decorate it yourself!

  • Pick a simple color scheme: When designing a spread, stick to just 2 or 3 main colors. Choosing too many colors can make your layout confusing. If you plan to use lots of colors, try to pick different shades of the same few colors.

  • Print back-up pics: This tip seems obvious but is easy to overlook. You'll be cutting out many pics, and a mistake or rethink is inevitable. Print multiple copies of the same picture, just in case.

  • Upcycle old materials: You don't always need to go to the craft store to get cute designs. If you get a gift bag or some pretty packaging, keep hold of it. You might find it's ideal for your latest spread. Plus, it's a great way of upcycling!

  • Don't be afraid of your handwriting: Write in your own script, even if you're not a calligrapher. Your handwriting will make scrapbook your layouts more personal and give you more to reminisce about in the future.

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